August 23, 2010

Geocaching #6000

Tonight, I found my 6000th cache.  Keep Going… is very close to my home.  I wanted the milestone cache to be a hiking cache, so it was a good pick.  Since it was very warm this afternoon, I waited until the sun set and then made the short half-mile hike from the trailhead to the cache.

Find #5000 was on October 10, 2009. Since #5000, I had my best single day of finds–105 on January 2nd–and my best single month–January, with 280 finds. The farthest cache that I found in these thousand was Sit’in On Top of the World Earthcache GCQ7YR in Costa Rica–2728 miles away–and the closest find to home was Learning Process–.38 miles away.

The thousand included finds in California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Washington, D. C., Maryland, and Virginia, as well as the two finds in Costa Rica.  Some of the DC caches were found during the record-breaking snow storm in February.  Also included were the only 2 Event Caches that I’ve attended.

Geocaching has taken me to some very nice places.  I hope that will continue for the next one thousand finds.

Here are the stats:

GeoCraig has 1005 Finds on 1005 unique Geocaches

Statistics generated on 08/24/2010

Finds by Month
270 112 64 125 79 34 2 29
Total finds 715
Days caching 95
Average finds per caching day 7.5
Overall finds per day 3.0
Average finds per week 21.2
Average finds per month 92.2
Month: Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Days caching: 21 18 12 16 11 7 2 8
36 150 104
Total finds 290
Days caching 34
Average finds per caching day 8.5
Overall finds per day 3.5
Average finds per week 24.5
Average finds per month 106.4
Month: Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Days caching: 5 12 17

Milestone Date Interval Code Cache Name
1 10/10/2009 GC189W2 Watch for Bikes
100 11/21/2009 42 days GC1TM6K Shellshock
200 12/05/2009 14 days GC1542E Days of Wine and Roses
300 01/01/2010 27 days GC1WC50 This is the End
400 01/02/2010 1 day GC21FV6 126 on 126:#18 Wake up and cache
500 01/11/2010 9 days GC1PK74 glass view
600 02/13/2010 33 days GC23G3H Shell Shock
700 03/23/2010 38 days GC1PR4B January: A walk in the park.
800 04/08/2010 16 days GC24REF John Adams
900 05/18/2010 40 days GC28315 Random SFV Cache 03
1000 08/23/2010 97 days GC2A2J6 Pole Fishing
1005 08/23/2010 0 days GC2A2GQ Lost a lug

GeoCraig should reach 1100 finds in 31 days (13 Caching days) on 09/24/2010

1500 finds in 158 days (64 Caching days) on 01/29/2011

and 2000 finds in 316 days (128 Caching days) on 07/06/2011

Some Numbers
Overall Total Finds: 1005 finds in 129 caching days over 318 total days (40.5 %)
Overall Averages: 7.79 finds per caching day, 3.16/day, 22.12/week, 96.20/month
Most consecutive days with finds: 9, from 04/02/2010 to 04/10/2010
Most consecutive days without a find: 24, from 06/28/2010 to 07/21/2010
Most finds in a day: 105 on 01/02/2010; 70 on 11/21/2009; 62 on 01/09/2010
Best weekend caching: 105 finds, on Saturday 01/02/2010 & Sunday 01/03/2010
Best week caching: 126 finds, from Monday 12/28/2009 to Sunday 01/03/2010
Most finds in a calendar month: 270, in Jan 2010
Fastest 100 finds: 1 day on 01/02/2010
Fastest 1000 finds: 318 days from 10/10/2009 to 08/23/2010
Total cache-to-cache distance: 16970 Miles, Note: excludes locationless caches.
Nearest cache found: Learning Process GC2255N
Furthest cache found: 2737.38 Miles, Sit’in On Top of the World Earthcache GCQ7YR
Most Northerly cache found: N 40° 46.387, The Conference Center GCHZ82
Most Southerly cache found: N 10° 11.444, Sit’in On Top of the World Earthcache GCQ7YR
Most Easterly cache found: W 77° 00.347, I am the God of Leaky Caches and Soggy… GCBB8F
Most Westerly cache found: W 119° 36.709, The Guardian GC11W07
Cache centroid: N 34° 52.829 W 116° 54.848 Map Note: excludes locationless caches.
Youngest cache found: 08/15/2010, Frank Modugno GC2DF7Y
Oldest cache found: 06/27/2001, Capitol View GCDE1
Caches found which are now archived: 58 (5.77 %)
Log Length, words: Average: 14, Longest: GC1RNHC 115, Shortest: GCWQMV 1

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GSAK v7.7.2.56

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Back on the Geocaching Trail

August 7, 2010


After too long an absence on the geocaching trail, I got out this morning for a short hike up Hummingbird Trail.  It was a great day for hike, even though I got a little late start.

My first find of the day was Don’t Jump MajorJarHead.  I tried this cache several times, always with a DNF.  It was nice to add it to the Found column today.


After Don’t Jump MajorJarHead, I headed up the Hummingbird trail for the other caches that I needed.  There were a lot of mountain bikers and a few hikers coming down the trail.  I almost got run over by one of them.  One of my peeves–bikers that race downhill as if no one else is on the trail.

Hummingbird Trail #1 was a quick find.  All holed up was a little harder.  The coords are off by 40 feet.  Once I learned that, it was an easy find.  While checking the past logs, a dad and 2 of his kids hiked by.  He asked me if I was OK and if I had enough water.  I thought that was a nice touch.  I caught up with them on the way to the next cache.  We talked about geocaching a bit and then I took them to the next cache on the list:  Hummingbird trail #2.  They thought the idea of geocaching was interesting.  Maybe we’ll have a few more cachers soon.


They headed back down the hill and I headed to CTM in Rocky Peak.  It was another quick one one the side of the trail.  Then it was time to turn around and head for home.

The total round trip was 4.0 miles.

A Geocaching Slump

August 3, 2010

A combination of a busy work schedule, too many things to do at home, and a very nice vacation have limited my finds to only 34 in June and 2 in July.  However, the 2 in July were pretty nice finds–an Earthcache and a Regular cache in Costa Rica.

My wife and I spent 8 days touring Costa Rica and had a great time.  I was able to find a cache on our first and our last full days of vacation.

The Earthcache was Sit’in On Top of the World Earthcache GCQ7YR. The cache is on the edge of the crater of the Poas Volcano.  We had a great view of the lake in the crater and the steam venting from it.  There is a regular cache nearby, but we were on a bus tour and didn’t have the time for the required hike.

That was the story for the rest of the trip.  We drove by at least 8 caches that I would have been able to find had I been driving alone.  However, the driving habits of the Ticos are really something–red lights and stop signs are only suggestions, passing on a blind curve is a required maneuver.  There is no way that I would drive in Costa Rica.  It’s just too crazy.

After driving by Arenal Fortuna GC1NGTH 4 times in the bus, I had given up on any chance of getting a regular find in the country.  Then, because of a washed out bridge on the Pan American Highway, we had to return to San Jose the direction we came–through Fortuna.

Fortuna is a small town at the foot of the Arenal Volcano.  We were treated with a good view of the volcano venting smoke and stream as we neared the town.  We ended up stopping for lunch at a restaurant .14 miles from the cache.  I was able to walk to the cache, find it, and return before lunch was served.

It was a great lunch, made even better because of the geocache find.

It’s a new month and my schedule has calmed down a bit.  It’s time to get back into the game.  Hopefully, I will get the chance to take some time for a hike on Saturday.  Next week, I’m going to Utah to visit my daughter’s family and to attend a wedding.  I’m sure I’ll do some caching during the trip.