Find #3500

March 17, 2008

On the way to work today, I found Giraffe Adjacent, a quick cache-and-dash nano. After logging it, I realized that it was my 3500th find.

I found my first two caches on May 6, 2001–Sage Ranch Park and Rocky Peak. While I found 2 more caches in the next few weeks, I really didn’t get caching again until April 2002. Over these 7 years, I have averaged 3.6 finds per caching day and have found a cache on 963 days of the 2508 days since that first cache.

I’ve enjoyed my geocaching adventures. This hobby has taken me to places that I’m sure that I never would have seen. I know southern California, and specifically Los Angeles, better than I would ever have imagined. I have a network of friends, most of whom I have only met via e-mail or perhaps a cell phone call, that are helpful and gracious. I’ve quit counting how many cases of poison oak I’ve gotten (I’m currently finishing up on my last rash). I’ve had one trip to the emergency room for a badly sprain ankle, but for the most part, geocaching has helped me work on getting and staying healthy.

So 3500 down and who knows how many to go. Actually the count is now 3511. I got a few at lunch and on my way home from work.


Tujunga Hills Caching

March 10, 2008

I stopped for a 4-cache hike this afternoon on the way home from work. It took 75 minutes on the way up and 30 minutes on the way down. Longer up because it was UP and I did the caches and took photos.

Here is the cache list, from lowest to highest.

Electric Slide
Geode Cache #1
Geode cache #2
Compound W

Here is the hike map:


Here are some of the views along the road.





A Long View toward Compound W

View North toward Compound W

Compound W Location

View from the Compound W


Ahmanson Ranch

March 8, 2008

I had some time this afternoon, so I hiked into the northern part of the Ahmanson Ranch area. It was a great day for hiking and caching—sunny, a light breeze, wildflowers and grasses.

Here are some of the views today.








These are the caches that I found:

An OLd Foundation
Charred Oak Hill
Liar’s Lair
Twin Tanks View
Hang In There


Caching Along Rt. 150

March 1, 2008

Here are a few views from our caching adventure to and out of Ojai. We had an nice day of exploring. Have too many overly challenging DNFs, but, all in all, it beat staying home and doing yard work.


Here is the list of today’s finds:

Bridge Over Moo Poo
Vista de Shangri-La
Bah Bah Dip da Dip da Dip
No. Six
Gateway to Thacher
Don’t You Just Hate It X2
Days of Swine and Roses
La caja detrĂ¡s
Another Baldwin Hide
Share The Road
In A Wooded Area
Barking MandM’s
Extinguish the Flame
Light My Fire
Velocity Restrained by Walter O’Reilly
849 Baldwin