Geocaching 365

September 23, 2010

I found my first two geocaches on May 6, 2001–GC2CC Sage Ranch Park and GC217 Rocky Peak. Today is 3427 days later. Today I found GC2EEXR Belly of the Beast, my 6074th find.

I have now found a geocache on every day of the year, except for Leap Day, February 29th. I’ll need to wait until 2012 to get a cache in all 366 days.

I’ve placed a Challenge cache–Geocaching 365 Day Challenge–to commemorate my milestone.    To log it, you need to have finds on each day of the calendar–minus Leap Day.  And if you have Leap Day also, it’s a bonus.


Ventura County Caching

September 12, 2010


We moved from Los Angeles to Simi Valley in 1996.  One of the things we like about Simi Valley is how quickly we can get out of the city into the country and the farmlands.  And I spent Saturday doing exactly that.


Saturday I went to the Lake Piru area to pick up another quad for the Ventura County Quad Challenge.  The Cobblestone Mountain quad is a mainly isolated quad on the east side of the county.  When we published the Challenge, there weren’t any Ventura County caches in the quad.  Let’s Fly and chaosmanor placed 5 caches in the southeast corner of the quad.  The access to the caches is through the Lake Piru Recreation Area.  That includes a $12 day use fee.  I planned on an early start to do the hike before it got too warm.  That plan went down the tubes when the truck wouldn’t start and I needed to replace the battery.  Better doing that in the driveway than learning the car won’t start out in the boonies.


The walk for the Cobblestone Mountain caches took 90 minutes and 2.6 miles on the way in and only 45 minutes on the way out.  The sun was hot and the breezes warm and hiking on black asphalt didn’t help much either.  But the view of the lake and Piru Creek were nice and I found all the caches along the way.

After the hike, I went for some the caches in the area, including GC in VV for GC, a cache that Let’s Fly and chaosmanor put out just for me.

It was a good day of geocaching:  21 finds and another VC quad in the “done” column.  I have 5 more quads to do to finish the Challenge.  Hopefully, I’ll get those done in the next couple of months.

This is a picture of my grandson, Joshua.  He and his family went for a drive today in the Utah mountains.  At an overlook parking area, Josh came up with a geocache sans GPS.  He loves to find geocaches, especially the ones with nice goodies inside.  Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to determine what cache it is.  There aren’t any nearby published caches.  Not that Josh cares any.  I’m sure he is very proud of his “find.”

Here is the list of the caches that I found Saturday:

126 on 126:#80 Pepper Three
126 on 126:#91 Bunkhouse B&B no more
Buffalo Rock
Top of Piru
Piru Creek Overlook
Oak Knoll
126 on 126:#103 A Better Defense
Martinez Tree
Hawk a Euc
Black Sheep of the Family
Charcoal Filter
GC in VV for GC
126 on 126:#65 686
126 on 126:#53 Polerocktube
126 on 126:#45 Sternutation
The End
Spring Loaded

Central Coast Caching

September 4, 2010


With temperatures predicted to be at least 105° at home, we decided to go for a drive up the coast. The drive up 101 was fogged in until we reached Santa Barbara, then we started to see some blue skies.  Once we made the turn north, it was nothing but clear skies and warm temps.

The first stop was in Summerland for a cache that has eluded me in the past–Summerland Memorial Park.  The third time was the charm.  I didn’t see it; I found it by feel.

We took the turn-off for Nojoqui Falls and cached our way toward Solvang.  We have done this road before and really enjoy the back roads feel of it.  There have been enough new caches placed along this way that we were able to pick up 15 finds, with a few DNFs thrown in for good measure.

A quick stop in Solvang for Wendy to buy a couple of pairs of shoes and another stop in Buelleton for lunch, some quilting fabric, and Hungry?. The original plan was to drive west and pick up a long series of caches between Buelleton and Lompoc, but we decided to turn north to Nipomo for another fabric store and a very nice series of caches north of the town–Rim Rock.  We stopped for Camo Cassette and found an interesting market/country store/pottery place and picked up some good fruit and some vegetables for tomorrow’s dinner. At this point, we decided to head towards home via Guadaloupe and Orcutt. The GPS took us on a wild ride up and down through some interesting “back roads” before we returned to the hard surface roads. It was all in the name of adventure.

After a couple of finds in Guadaloupe and one in Orcutt, it was time to call it a day and head for home. Here is a list of the 33 finds for the day.

Summerland Memorial Park
Old Highway
What’s Cookin’
Nojoqui Falls Park
30 mph
My Three Post R Better Then Yours
Alisal Cattle Ranch
The Alisal
NAF Tarantula Alley
Pull Out
Slow Down
Rusty Gate
It’s Knot Hard
Who likes Enchiladas?!?
Sobe Pipe
Rim Rock 12
Rim Rock 7
Dana Rd
Rim Rock 8
rim rock
Rim Rock 6
Rim Rock 5
Rim Rock 4
Rim Rock 3
Rim Rock 2
Camo Cassette
Park it in Guadalupe
S.M.V.R.R. 210
Dashing Through the …