Early Morning Caching

February 22, 2011


I DNFed a nearby cache, Beyond Solstice Stone, in December and decided to go back this morning for the find.  After the DNF, I talked with a couple of cachers that had found it and realized that I missed it by just a few feet.

This morning was clear and cold, but a great morning for a quick hide.  The round-trip is only 1.4 miles, so it is a nice choice for a quick hike.  There are several other caches along the way and in the area, but I got all the other in December.  Today’s goal was just be put Beyond Solstice Stone in the found column while getting a little exercise.

There were a number of flowering plants along the trail this morning.


The photo above is of dodder.  Dodder is a parasite and is a common sight along the trails in the area.


Beyond Solstice Stone’s owner suggests approaching the cache from below.  As I mention in my 12/15/10 log, I disagree.  There is an overgrown road that allows for an easy approach from above.  That is the rational way to get to the cache.  The approach from below requires a climb up a steep face of the hillside.  I think that puts too much impact on the slope.



Because this was an early morning hike, some of the plants were still covered with frost.


There is also quite a bit of poison oak along the way.  This is especially the case at the beginning of the trail.  The trail is narrow and the poison oak is encroaching on the trail.  Beware!  When I hiked in in December, I didn’t realize how much poison oak was there because it didn’t have any leaves.



If you want a quick hike, this might be the hike for you.  Besides Beyond Solstice Stone, Beware of Rocks,  Santa Susanna Pass, and Jarhead’s Bush are along the trail and Boulderado is an easy detour.