Happy 80th Birthday, Jack!

August 20, 2007


After exchanging e-mails and a few cell phone calls, I finally met Jack, aka garagedude at GCRMH4 Touchdown Jesus on December 15, 2005. I phoned Jack and Shirley for some help with a nearby cache and they told me that they were on the way to Touchdown Jesus. I had found that cache the day before and knew that it would be a tough find for them so I drove over to meet them and to help them with the cache. Since the initial meeting, we have shared at least one other find—GCW7GE Nuts to You—and many “phone a friend” help cell phone calls.

Jack has also helped me get my numbers up in another way–he has placed 59 caches and I’ve found 52 of them. He is the king of the urban mirco hide.

Happy Birthday, Jack. I hope geocaching will help keep you and Shirley young for a long, long time.


A Larger World

August 17, 2007

My Geocaching hobby has got me sometimes looking at the world in a different way. Wendy probably thinks that has been caused by banging my head once too many times while looking for a cache.

There are hide and then there are some really good hides. Some of the best hides (and most challenging finds) are the caches that are hidden in plain sight. They are right in front of anyone who looks, but, because of the way they are camouflaged, no one knows it is a geocache.

A too common (and boring) hiding spot is under the skirt at the base of a light pole in a parking lot. It is now hard to walk by a light pole without thinking “geocache.”

In a way, the world has gotten much larger for me since I started geocaching 6 years ago. Things are no longer the way they appear. There may be treasures finding right under our noses. We just aren’t aware that they are there. It takes some special hints and clues and perhaps some specialized equipment to find what is hiding right in front of us. It is like looking at pond water under a microscope–it isn’t just a drop of water, it’s a entire new world. Or looking at the night sky with binoculars or a telescope.

The world is a lot larger that we first realize. There is a lot in our world that we just can’t see unless we are looking for it. And then sometimes, even when we are sure that something is there, we still can’t find it. Life is like that–we can ask for some help or post a DNF and move on. But the searching hopefully will have made our life a little better, even when we sometimes don’t find what we are looking for.

What Were You Doing at 12:58 This Morning?

August 9, 2007


We were sleeping until the house started bouncing around. This 4.5 quake was centered only 4.4 miles from the house. It’s epicenter was in Devil’s Canyon, the area of several caches. Elin’s GC1348R Daniel Webster is only a couple hundred yards away.

Devil’s Canyon is located north of the intersection of the 118 and Topanga Canyon Blvd. I hiked it in October. It’s a nice area for a hike.

The other caches in the area are GCYNBM Devil’s Diversion, GCYNBN Devil’s Oak, GCYNBP Devil’s Gate, GCYNBQ Devil’s Canyon, and GCYNQT Mrs. Jones.

The Most Southwestern Cache in the United States

August 5, 2007

The Continental United States, that is.

Wendy and I did a quick trip to San Diego this weekend and got theĀ  None More Southwesterly cache this morning. It is located within a few feet of the USA-Mexico border. The cache site was actually being guarded by the Border Patrol. From the log history, it appears that the Border Patrol knows all about the cache.

There is a monument marking the boundary, but now the border fence runs right up to it and then over it.

Here is a picture of me at the cache site.

The beach looked very nice, but there were signs posted warning that the water is probably contaminated. This is because the Tijuana River headlands are just a mile or so away. The water leaving Mexico is used as a sewer and isn’t treated.

The US side of the border is all parkland and undeveloped. The Mexican side is quite developed–you can see a lighthouse in one of the photos. Right next to the lighthouse is a bull ring. Homes–large and small are build right up to the border fence.

It was an interesting area. We are glad we made the effort to drive down to it.

NOTE: If you do this cache on a weekday, you will need to hike or bike about 3 miles round trip. The park is only open to cars on the weekend. The state park entrance fee is $5.00.

July 2007–A good month of caching

August 1, 2007

July was my third best month of geocaching –121 finds. I was close to the second best month, but a few DNFs of ivy caches yesterday and a busy schedule in the evening kept the number at 121.

The month didn’t start too well–the second cache of the month–Recycled Bridges–ended with me spraining my ankle and a trip to the emergency room. However, a trip to visit my daughter and her family gave me a chance to do some caching in a virgin area for me and I was able to rack up some good numbers. When I returned, there were a group of new caches in Alhambra that were just waiting for me.

During the month, I found some fairly lame caches and some great caches. I think East Alhambra Cache Run-Story wins the award as the best cache of the month–and probably in the top 3 caches that I have ever found. Seems to me that Jackcheese is a master geocache builder. He has some very nice caches out there.

Here is the list for July’s caches:

07/31/2007 GC14KWK Stuck On You
07/31/2007 GCWEVM Even The Devil Gets A Day
07/31/2007 GCYJEN Harlow Was Here
07/31/2007 GC13AG1 The Whole Enchilada Too
07/31/2007 GC149PT Alhambra’s Underground Chrono Bunkers
07/31/2007 GC14K1W Bounce around the sign
07/31/2007 GC12R2W Beware… Train Crossing
07/31/2007 GC14PQT East Alhambra Cache Run-Welcome to Alham
07/31/2007 GC14PR8 East Alhambra Cache Run-Nice Buns
07/31/2007 GC14PXW East Alhambra Cache Run-What’s For Diner
07/31/2007 GC14RNW The A+++ Geocache
07/31/2007 GC1181A Very Exclusive, Green/Tee
07/31/2007 GC12KBF That 70’s Cache
07/30/2007 GC10BT2 Winter Tree
07/30/2007 GCZGQ5 CC Park
07/30/2007 GC143F6 A Sign of the Times
07/30/2007 GC147XC Gnarly, but Painless
07/30/2007 GCZGQ2 GW Park
07/30/2007 GCZGPF TR Park
07/30/2007 GC14Q1K All Spruced Up
07/30/2007 GC149Q0 South Pasadena’s Underground Rail Road
07/30/2007 GC14PR4 East Alhambra Cache Run-Don’t Play in th
07/30/2007 GC14PRF East Alhambra Cache Run-Bean Tract
07/30/2007 GC14PT1 East Alhambra Cache Run-Don’t Play in th
07/30/2007 GC14PTB East Alhambra Cache Run-Story
07/30/2007 GC14PXE East Alhambra Cache Run-A.F.D. Under You
07/24/2007 GC13WT8 LA River Bikeway – Pipe Dreams
07/24/2007 GC13W9J Litter Bug
07/24/2007 GC140EF She’s a Grand Ole Lodge…
07/24/2007 GC14B18 Que Somos?
07/23/2007 GC14G0W OLd – Bekins
07/23/2007 GC149T8 More Cruelty To Cats
07/23/2007 GCV1E5 It’s a Pico Cache!
07/21/2007 GC11HJY Old Post, New Post
07/20/2007 GCW36P Bienvenidos Amigos-Milpas shopping cente
07/20/2007 GC11ARD Easy find
07/19/2007 GC14D61 Kenneth Quick Grab
07/18/2007 GC14E1X OLd – Freeze
07/18/2007 GC14C5D OLd – 7UP
07/18/2007 GC14C58 OLd – Mohawk
07/18/2007 GC14C56 OLd – Starlight
07/18/2007 GC144PK 2/3 OF W.E.T.
07/16/2007 GC14BFZ 3
07/14/2007 GCR3D4 Sam’s End of the Road Cache
07/14/2007 GCQTP8 20 to 89
07/14/2007 GCV71R Mills Micro
07/14/2007 GCGKG2 Take a Load Off
07/14/2007 GCB5C9 Utah 100 Mile Cache
07/14/2007 GC13655 Spencer’s Cache
07/14/2007 GC11E10 The Old Spanish Trail Cache
07/14/2007 GC13M4D Bob-Kat II
07/14/2007 GC12JWT OLD River Crossing
07/14/2007 GC11E0Q Say Cheese!
07/13/2007 GCRMA7 just off main
07/13/2007 GCVF5C Cody’s PEZ Exchange
07/13/2007 GCT236 LibertyCache #1
07/13/2007 GCEE0A The Bridge Tin Tin Cache
07/13/2007 GCRMA4 Go Mustangs!!
07/13/2007 GCJX6J Farm Country
07/13/2007 GC6327 American Fork Fort Wall
07/13/2007 GCVBB5 BuddhaMinds’ Mind Benders #2
07/13/2007 GCY94Q Coffee & Donuts
07/13/2007 GC12JC1 Hollow Log Oasis Cache
07/13/2007 GCYD05 Owl Cache #1 – Great Horned Owl
07/13/2007 GCVBB8 BuddhaMinds’ Mind Benders #3
07/13/2007 GCWNBY Spring Creek Ranch
07/13/2007 GCXPQT Peanuts Parents Challenge
07/13/2007 GCVBBA BuddhaMinds’ Mind Benders #4
07/12/2007 GCDD1B 5-0
07/12/2007 GCE444 Utah Veterans Memorial
07/12/2007 GCRDT3 Peanut uses his “Phone”-A-Friend
07/12/2007 GCQJAH “Always” up for Poker #1
07/12/2007 GCYJ1V Harvest Hills ~ Carrot Top
07/12/2007 GCYJ1R Harvest Hills ~ Archibald
07/12/2007 GCZA1E Harvest Hills ~ Spidey
07/12/2007 GCZ946 Hot Action Cop
07/12/2007 GCVQ34 Henry Blake MASH Cache
07/12/2007 GC12317 Check ur oil
07/12/2007 GCYJ70 Harvest Hills ~ Pirate
07/11/2007 GCW1N5 Bug Relief
07/11/2007 GCZZT0 “The Spoilers” ( MacGyver Cache # 60 )
07/11/2007 GCZZR2 The Knolls ~ Re-visited
07/11/2007 GCX3WK “Mile”stone cache–250,000 miles
07/11/2007 GCPV19 BYOP-Ornament Like
07/11/2007 GCX180 Mondo’s Payson Spawn
07/11/2007 GCW3GX Payson Park n’ Cache
07/11/2007 GCRDT6 Chewy sniffed this one out…
07/11/2007 GCD190 Mardi Gras
07/11/2007 GCZZRR “Blow Out” ( MacGyver Cache # 54 )
07/11/2007 GCZZTE “The Battle of Tommy Giordano”(MacGyver
07/11/2007 GC13ZRA Ad0or’s Ranch
07/11/2007 GC130R6 archived The Haunted Mansion
07/11/2007 GCZZTG “Renegade” ( MacGyver Cache # 82 )
07/11/2007 GCZZTF “Gold Rush” ( MacGyver Cache # 78 )
07/11/2007 GCZZT2 “The Endangered” ( MacGyver Cache # 63 )
07/11/2007 GCZZTC “Fraternity of Thieves” ( MacGyver Cache
07/11/2007 GCZZTA “Ma Dalton” ( MacGyver Cache # 72 )
07/11/2007 GCZZT7 “On a wing and a Prayer” ( MacGyver Cach
07/11/2007 GCZZT5 “Murderer’s Sky” ( MacGyver Cache # 64
07/09/2007 GCTBR1 The Baldy Factory
07/08/2007 GCR71B Huntington Pasture
07/08/2007 GCX2C2 Kohler’s Corner
07/08/2007 GCC1B View Of the Venue
07/08/2007 GCZ02J Cascade Springs
07/08/2007 GCZ183 Golden Rod
07/07/2007 GC10YWK Virgin River Gorge Earthcache
07/07/2007 GCJA8Y Cache me if you can
07/07/2007 GC436A Some like it Hot
07/06/2007 GC140EC By George, What a view!
07/06/2007 GC143ZW Another, Another View of the Hollywood S
07/06/2007 GC144Y4 Checkerboard !
07/06/2007 GC144Z0 Try Harvard First
07/06/2007 GC145CK The Meet’n Place
07/06/2007 GC14400 Fern Dell II, Too
07/05/2007 GCZ5HB Pygmy Mammoths of the Channel Islands NP
07/05/2007 GCZGDZ Olivas Adobe Cache
07/05/2007 GCTKHH Village View
07/05/2007 GCP709 Between the Sand and a Hard Place
07/05/2007 GCMGZZ If You Find It, You Will Hum
07/02/2007 GC12Q3A Recycled Bridges
07/02/2007 GCZJMV Grimes Canyon Burnt Shale