Utah Vacation Caching

July 31, 2013

I spent last week in Utah visiting my son and daughter and their families.  We have a daughter and granddaughter living with us this summer until they can receive their visas to join their husband and daddy in Saudi Arabia.  We drove up together to give them a chance to visit before they leave on their adventure.


I wasn’t planning on doing a lot of caching, but wanted to pick up a few caches if I had the chance.  I thought I had completed The Well-Travelled Cacher (bthomas) Challenge L.A. in May 2011, but on closer inspection realized that I need 2 more finds–bands 400-405 and 405-410.  The original finds for those distances were Locationless caches.  On the drive up, I stopped in the very small towns of Summit and Parowan, found some qualifying caches, and also a few extra for good measure so I can rightfully claim the Well-Travelled Cacher find.


I placed Ainsley’s Solstice Cache in 2008 when my granddaughter was just 5 weeks old.  She is now getting ready to start Kindergarten.  Her cache needed some maintenance, so I took care of that and also checked on the other “grandkid” caches that I had placed along the Jordan River Trail behind my daughter’s home.  While we were at it, we placed a new cache, Abigail’s Cache, honoring the soon to be expatriated granddaughter, Abby.



Saturday, I went fishing with my son, Michael, and his wife, Chelsie.  We DNFed a couple of caches on our way to the river.  Once there, I concentrated on fishing.  Unfortunately, I didn’t realize until we got home that there were several caches along the river where we were fishing.  But we did have a great day of fishing–and I did get an interesting cache on the way home–Cows, Curds and Cachers.



Sunday morning, we left for a short drive that ended up to take most of the day.  Besides seeing some great scenery, I picked up several nice geocaches, including several Earthcaches– Midway Hot Pots, Cascade Springs, and Bridal Veil Falls Earthcache.


While at Cascade Springs, my grandson Joshua and I found Cascade Springs,  Actually, Josh found the cache; I just signed the log.

I had a great time with the family and enjoyed geocaching with my grandkids.  We brought the oldest one, Jacob, home to visit California for a week.  Perhaps we will grab a few caches while he is here.


Pocket Queries? No, Not Quite.

July 4, 2013


On Tuesday, my wife and I decided to drive to Santa Barbara for a day trip adventure. I downloaded 3 pocket queries for the drive–one for the drive from Ventura to Santa Barbara, one for the Santa Barbara area, and one for the area between Santa Barbara and Solvang. All loaded up, we headed up the coast.


We made a quick stop in Carpenteria, where I found a couple of caches and DNFed three. Not a good start for the geocaching day.


Once in Santa Barbara, we decided to go to the Ty Warner Sea Center on the Steans Wharf. The entry fee is $8; about $6 more than I think it was worth. I did DNF another cache on the pier–El Embarcadero–before finding Sea Center Cephalopod.   The photos is this post are from the displays at the Sea Center.

Because the Santa Barbara area was foggy, we decided to drive to Solvang and Buellton.  I wanted to do some caching along the old Stagecoach Road.  This is where the PQ problems were discovered.  I had absolutely no caches north of Santa Barbara loading in my GPS.  It’s hard to find them when you don’t know where they are.  I used my phone to find one cache–Bridge View–but the saved PQs loaded the map so slowly, I didn’t want to use the time to wait.  So only one find would have to do.

But life is a lot bigger than geocaching.  We had a very nice lunch of crepes in Santa Barbara and also had an enjoyable day driving the coast and valleys of Santa Barbara County.