California County Caching

February 15, 2009

1 2 – 9 10 – 24 25 – 49 50 – 74
75 – 99 100 – 149 150 – 199 200 – 249 250+

We are visiting our daughter in San Francisco this weekend and did a little caching on the drive up on Friday.  The caches were found between rain storm.  Saturday afternoon, we had a little extra time, so we drove north across the Golden Gate Bridge to pick but a couple on new California county:  Sonoma and Solano.  We got 1 cache in each.

Tomorrow, we are heading back home.  If things go as planned, I hope to pick up San Mateo, Santa Clara, and Santa Cruz counties.

I’m not sure if I will every finish the 58-county challenge, but at least I have most of southern and central California taken care of.


Temporarily down for maintenance

February 11, 2009

fireshot-capture-34-this-site-is-temporarily-down-for-maintenance_-www_geocaching_com_default_aspx1I tried checking on a cache today and this is what I found.  I also noticed that a search on Twitter for “geocaching” revealed that there are a lot of nervous geocachers out there not able to get their “fix.”

I’ve been feeling a little like hanging a “Temporarily down for maintenance” sign around my neck the last few days.  The poison oak rash has taken its toll and now I have another rash that is sending me to the dermatologist this afternoon.  I also learned today that GCYRXM Hideout is indeed there, inspite of my close to hour long search.  Hideout is a required cache for Spinal Tap–the Bonebone Trail challenge cache.  That means a 6-mile RT journey back to find it.  I think I’ll take a bike this time.  Also, both times that I’ve scheduled the east 11-miles of the BBT, it has rained.

So maybe being down temporarily for a little maintenance will be a good thing for me.

One of the Joys of Geocaching

February 4, 2009

One of the joys of geocaching is remembering the adventures.  I’m having a difficult time forgetting about this weekend’s hike–I have poison oak.

The offending shrub probably didn’t look like the picture above.  While I did see a few “leaflets of three,” I think most of the poison oak out there right now is well hidden.  It’s just the woody vines without the easy-to-spot leaves.

I have a few itchy bumps on my arm, but the real problem is on my hip and leg.  It is one big itchy red patch.  Don’t ask me how I got poison oak there.  I’m not quite sure.  Maybe a “bathroom” break?

I’m pretty allergic to the stuff.  I joke that I can catch it by only looking at it.  This case looks (and feels) like it is going to be a bad one.  A guess it’s time to call the doctor for some steroids.