Another Nice Day in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties

September 27, 2008

We had another nice day of caching in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties today.  It wasn’t a planned geocaching adventure, but we ended up with 16 caches without trying too hard.

Across from Think Outside The Box

Across from Think Outside The Box

We started the day at friend’s beach house in Ventura.  The fog came in early in the morning, so we decided to go for a ride up the coast to Carpinteria.  We grabbed a few on the way.  After a short visit in Carpinteria (a quilting store and the orchid farm), we decided to have lunch in Ojai.  Again, we cached along the way.  While the temps along the coast were in the mid-60’s, it was 96 degrees in Ojai.  We did a few caches along Creek Road south of Ojai.  I found most of them earlier.  We were just picking off the stragglers today.

Friday nights sunset at Solimar

Friday night's sunset at Solimar

The Beginning of the Day

The Beginning of the Day

Here is the list of caches we did today:

Another nice view too
The Bates Motel
Can I Have A Witness?
We Can’t Continue Like This!
Mark My Words
Think Outside The Box
Redtailed Roost
Bass Ackwards
Buffalo at Casitas
Brown Stump in White Stump
Tunnel of Love
The Other Stump
CreekRoad Cruiser # 1
Creek Road Cruiser # 8

Here is a map of the caches we found.


#4000 and Counting

September 13, 2008

Cache #4000–Berried, Not Buried

Wendy and I went on a geocaching adventure over the weekend.  We stayed in Santa Maria and started caching about 7:30 Saturday morning.  24 caches into the day, I got #4000.  I got #3000 on May 31, 2007, so this thousand milestone took a little over a year.

We started a little later than we had planned and decided not to push it into the evening.  We treated ourselves to a very nice dinner at the Red Barn in Santa Ynez.  One of the nicest parts of geocaching to being introduced to nice areas than would otherwise start hidden.  Santa Ynez is one of them.

We ended up with 68 caches–my personal best in a day.  We had a bunch of DNFs–sometimes I just didn’t want to take the time needed to find a too-well-hidden cache and sometimes the cache was MIA.

The area was very nice.  Santa Barbara wine country.  Many of the caches were on the Wine/Whine series.



The last cache of the day was Wine/Whine # 28–directly across from this windmill.

And we were treated with this sunset on the coast near Arroyo Hondo Bridge (BTW, I have never been able to locate that cache.  Any help is appreciated.)

All in all, a great adventure.

Here is a map of the caches that we found.