Las Llajas-Rocky Peak Road Caching

February 17, 2010

On Saturday, February 13th, I hiked up Las Llajas Canyon and down Rocky Peak Road and placed 20 caches along the way.  [One cache won’t be approved–density issues that can’t be resolved with the reviewers. ]

The route I took in 11 miles and a very nice like.  There is also an option of returning to the beginning trailhead on foot by descending the Chumash Trail.  I’m not sure of the mileage of this route, but it’s a true loop.  I have 2 Bookmarks on that list all the caches along each route.

Saturday’s hike couldn’t have been nicer.  The weather was perfect.  The recent rains sprouted the grass so there were carpets of new green grass everywhere.

At Along the Way to As Far As I Wanted to Go

To keep track of my new caches, I decided to name them in alphabetical order.  If you are trying to do the California ABC Challenge, doing all 19 caches will get you A through T, minus the R cache that wasn’t approved.

Site of Guardian Toad - Ivan

I had a couple of caches that I needed to find in Las Llajas Canyon and I was 1 for 2.  Guardian Toad – Ivan was my first DNF of the day.  I had more DNFs along Rocky Peak Road in the afternoon.

I enjoyed the clean, green new grasses.  They don’t last too long in the Simi Hills, so Saturday’s hike was especially nice.

There is a junction just beyond my Fungus cache.  Left is a private road; right begins a steeper climb up the hill.  These old windmill is at the junction.

There is evidence of the oil industry history of the area.  I assume that most of the roads in the area are left over from the oil exploration days.

At the Jackpot cache site

Hiking this route clockwise affords you with many views like this–up the hill.  The best direction is really a matter of personal preference.  How do you like your UP–all at once or over the length of the hike.  The clockwise direction spreads the uphill over the hike and then the final segment is a steep drop.  I think I prefer this direction.

There weren’t a lot of blooms out, but this was a nice sight.

Looking North, the direction from which I came


Overlooking Simi Valley

At I Am the Eggman, I DNFed the cache after coming nose-to-nose with this rattlesnake.

One of the views of the San Fernando Valley

Here is the list of the caches that I placed Saturday.  tozainamboku and AWEMM got up early Sunday morning and started grabbing FTFs at 6:00 AM.  They found all the caches that I placed so that was a good check on the accuracy of my coordinates.

Along the Way to As Far As I Wanted to Go
Behind the Fossils
Caching Las Llajas
Doing the Loop
Earning It
Going on an Geocaching Adventure
Hoofing it Up the Hill
I Can See Snow on the Topa Topas
Keep It Up
Looking Toward SFV
Making It to the Top
Not Much Around
Pile of Rocks
Quiet, But for the Wind
That’s My House

I enjoyed placing the caches.  I hope you come by and enjoy finding them.  It’s a very nice area for a good hike.


Capital Caching

February 5, 2010

I’ve been in Washington, D. C. since Monday afternoon.  I was supposed to go home this afternoon, but my flight was cancel because of a storm that hadn’t yet arrived.  So I’m still here, but that’s another story.

I was able to geocache Monday afternoon since the conference didn’t start until the following morning.  I was able to take the subway to the National Mall and find some virtual caches between the Smithsonian Castle and the Lincoln Memorial.  It was on the chilly side, with snow on the ground, but it was good to be out walking in the fresh air after the transcontinental  flight.

I started the day with 2 early (way too early) morning finds near LAX.  Then finished the day with 9 Washington, D. C. caches.  Here are some photos of the evening’s geocaching walk.

Tuesday, during the lunch break, I walked to the National Zoo and found a virtual cache in the zoo and regular cache just outside.  In the evening, I took the Metro to Silver Spring with the intent of finding 3 or 4 Maryland caches.  When I got off the Metro, it was snowing and the wind was blowing it everywhere.  I decided to just get one cache–GC1V75J–Discover Steve Irwin–and then decided to head back to the hotel.  But I did get my first cache in Maryland.

Wednesday I got another lunch time cache–hidden in the snow–and headed to Virginia in the evening for several more finds.

Thursday was a good day of caching–20 finds around the Mall and downtown D. C.  I stopped by the National Archives and checked on the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  All safe and sound, as far as I can tell.  I also stopped by the White House, but I wasn’t invited in.  In fact, when I was taking some photos of the White House through the fence across from GC2E52 Mile Zero, I was chased off by the D. C. Police.  They wanted to clear people away from the fence for some reason.

Today was the scheduled day to return home, but the snow had other plans.  [And what’s up with canceling flights even before the snow arrives?]   I didn’t feel like caching in the wet, blowing snow this afternoon and evening, so the caching total for the trip will end with 38 finds–1 Earthcache, 11 regular, 1 Mystery, and 22 virtuals.  It’s been a good trip, but I’m more than ready to go home now.

Sunday, February 7, 2010 Update

My Saturday flight was also canceled, but Sunday morning is clear and bright and I’m scheduled to finally go home this afternoon.  It stopped snowing about 5:00 PM last night and I took the opportunity to go for a walk.  I found one more geocache.  It was a virtual that required answering several questions.  Most of the answers were buried under the snow.

Gandhi in the Snow-- GC955B My Life is My Mission

For more photos of my adventures, check out The End of the Storm and Being Part of History.