Utah Geocaching

July 16, 2007



I had a nice visit with family in Utah and had a good chance to do some geocaching in an area new to me. It was my best 7-day week ever–57 finds, from Monday 07/09/2007 to Sunday 07/15/2007 and a total of 65 caches on the trip. 2 California caches, 1 Arizona cache (my first AZ find), and the rest were in Utah.


The photo above was taken at ground zero for the old cove fort cache. I didn’t count it as a DNF because I’m quite sure that the cache isn’t there. It was a victim of the Milford Flat fire.


American Fork Caching

July 13, 2007

I did some caching in Lehi and American Fork, Utah this morning. The weather cooperated–it wasn’t too hot. And the caches cooperated too. I only had 1 Did Not Find. After finishing up and heading for home, we drove by this very nice sidewalk garden in front of an old home in American Fork.





I love the places that Geocaching can take me.

Utah Geocaching

July 12, 2007


I am in Lehi, Utah, visiting my daughter Julie’s family.  During breaks in the action, I’ve had the chance to get out and about and do some Utah geocaching.  The photo above was taken near  Hot Action Cop.  It is looking south, toward Utah Lake.  The weather has been quite hot–in the 100’s everyday–but this morning it rained and it is a little cooler today.

The ankle (see previous post) is doing OK.  Actually, the exercise of caching seems to help it more than sitting with it iced and elevated.

A “Geo-Tragedy”

July 3, 2007


After getting an easy cache-and-dash, GC12Q3A Traditional Cache Recycled Bridges, I tripped on the uneven pavement and down I went. A badly sprained ankle. A trip to the emergency room instead of a nice day caching in Santa Barbara. My daughter called when she learned we were on the way to the hospital. She had two things to say: “Did you have a geo-tragedy?” and “Mom’s going to take away your GPS.”

Luckily, I was with my wife—it was an anniversary adventure we were on. She got me some ice and drove me the the hospital and read me stories out of Sunset Magazine to keep my mind off my ankle.

The photo was taken only a few minutes after the fall. Not a pretty picture.