A Fine Day of Geocaching

May 24, 2008

Today was a fine day of geocaching. I needed to return to Piru Creek to get the Cobblestone Mountain quad and to finish the Los Angeles County Quadrangle Challenge cache. There are a number of caches in the area that I also wanted to get, so we got an early start. We did the caches in the Gorman area in Peace Valley and the northern part of the Old Ridge Route before doing the Piru Creek cache. I had planned on also doing the caches along the southern section of the Ridge Route, but we had a change in plans after doing the Piru Creek cache. So I had 42 caches between 8:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. Then added a few more for a total of 47 caches–a personal best for one day of caching.

Completing the LA County Quad Challenge cache was a nice way of completing the day. The work of visiting the 81 quads that make up LA County was worth it. I enjoyed seeing the diversity of the county–mountains, deserts, coastal mountains, and, of course, plenty of urban areas.

Here is a list of today’s caches:

Welcome to Pyramid Recreation Area
Sneezy ( One of the Seven Dwarfs)
Just Ducky
Gorman Road – Pull out
Gorman Road – Pond
Gorman Road – Wild Flowers
Gorman Road – Marsh
Gorman Road – Toasty Trees
Gorman Road – Give me a Sign
Sizzlin’ Hot in Gorman
Sleet, Apple Pie and Coffee!
Peace Valley – B44
Peace Valley – 297
Peace Valley – 107
Peace Valley – Panorama
Peace Valley – 108
Peace Valley – Benchmark
Kid’s BIG Bucket Cache!!
Don’t Get Too Close!!!
Old Ridge Route – Fault Features Earthcache
In the Meadow
South of Sandberg
Old Ridge Route – Backroad, Benchmark & Boulder
Liebre Summit Stash
Old Ridge Route – Horseshoe Bend
Old Ridge Route – Breezy Pine
Ridge Route Panorama
Old Ridge Route – Rex Farmer
Old Ridge Route – Backroad, Benchmark & Boulder II
Peace and Quiet
Rocky Road
Hot Bath – 25 cents
Gobble Gobble – Turkey Day Cache
Old Tumble Inn
Granite Gate
Liebre Gulch Overlook
Sandberg’s Outback
Liebre Road Maintenance Camp
Quail Crossing
Golden Bunny
Golden State Hwy benchmark & suprise
Piru Creek
Piru Gateway
The Mystical Body of Christ
Bus Stop
Los Angeles County Quadrangle Challenge

The LA County Quad Challenge

May 15, 2008

Yesterday I “completed” the Los Angeles County Quadrangle Challenge cache. I say “completed” because I still haven’t earned the Find. I DNFed the Cobblestone Mountain quad because the Piru Creek cache is MIA. I will need to revisit that area before I have truly completed the challenge. I have, however, cached in all 81 quads that make up Los Angeles County.

Here is a list of the caches that I found yesterday:

Cache Quad
Red Box Dos Chilao Flat
Newcomb Ranch Manzanita Mt. Waterman
Sierra Alta Trail Crystal Lake
Pricklys & Pines Condor Peak
A Green Can in a Green Bush Azusa
On Holey Ground Mt. Baldy
Where’s Clark? Ontario
Los Alamitos
Polish Pole Long Beach
Urban Unconformity San Pedro
When you’re BLUE Torrance
All Boxed In Redondo Beach

It’s been a great adventure. LA County is quite a place. We typically think of Los Angeles County as the large urban area that it is. But it is much more. Beaches, coastal mountains, deserts, snow-capped high mountains–LA County has it all.

A Quick Lunchtime Cache

May 9, 2008

A new cache was appeared today–Dixie Canyon–located in Dixie Canyon Park above Studio City. I was in the mood for a walk, so I went for it. The cache was a quick find–a nice walk from the end of the street up into a stream-side woodland. The area was donated to the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy by Warren Beatty in 1986. It was a nice walk, in spite of the thriving growths of poison oak. Here are a few views of the area.