August 31, 2009


August was one of my better months of geocaching–114 finds in 12 days.

The finds were in 4 states (CA, NV, AZ, and UT) and ranged from .23 miles from home to 582.56 miles.

Because of added functions with the last upgrade, I was able to use the iPhone geocaching application to directly log the finds in the field.  I enjoyed doing that.  I don’t mind taking a minute or two logging the find right at the cache.  I don’t like coming home from a nice adventure and then needing to get on-line and do the paperwork.

I’m at 4843 finds.  5000 finds doesn’t seem too far away now.  I might be able to do it by the end of the year.


Ventura County Caching

August 29, 2009

We did a nice geocaching adventure in Ventura County today.  We were trying to get out of the smoke from the Station Fire that settled into Simi Valley.  We first drove north out of Fillmore toward the a Condor observation area, collecting 15 caches along the way.  The area is a new one for me.  We had been in the area before, but the road was locked at The End, which was really the beginning for us today.

It’s a great area, with a series of fine caches along the road.  The photo above was taken near Dough Flat Redux.  It’s about a .2 mile walk up the hill from the road to an area on the top of the ridge with a couple of benches to view the condors. I didn’t see any today.  Wendy saw a couple of large birds soaring in the distances that could have been condors.  We want to go back in the spring when the greenery will be out with perhaps some wildflowers.

After the trip up and down the canyon, we went to Ojai and had a nice lunch.  I did a quick cache after lunch–Libbey Park Walkway–and then we drove up to the Matillija Canyon trailhead for a shot at Gatekeeper Awakens.  It was a DNF.

When we got back to Simi, we needed to get a new wiper blade for the back window of the car.  They was a cache in the parking lot–Cache of loose change–and one across the street–GassedGassed is a very cleverly done cache.  Give it a try.

Total for the day:  20 finds and a couple of DNFs.  Lots of nice scenery.  All in all, a very good adventure.

Here are today’s finds:

No Motor Vehicles
The Giving Tree
Matilija Hots Springs
Hot Stuff
Oak Flat
Sespe Sojourn – Trailhead
Miriam’s Cache
Mountain Lion
Sespe Dino
Dough Flat Redux
Libbey Park Walkway
Cache of loose change