A Very Slow Geocaching Month

September 29, 2007


I did three quick caches this morning (Simi Valley Oasis , Caution – Wide Load , and Luau Cache) to finish off on of my slowest caching months ever–only 17. And if I didn’t go to Utah on a quick trip, the numbers would have been even lower.

I’m not sure why I haven’t been caching much—there haven’t been any new caches in my area for a while to encourage me to get out—but I just haven’t had the geo-bug in September.


1802 Went for an late afternoon walk and got Take-A-Break. Trout and I enjoyed the 1.6 mile RT walk. So that’s a grand total of 18 caches for September.  The photo above was taken near the cache.


The Found TBs

September 14, 2007

I placed all the travel bugs that I had in a ziplock bag so that they would be easily found when I wanted to place one. Typically, I would pick up a TB and then wouldn’t have it handy when I finally found a cache that could hold it. [Too many micros, not even caches large enough for a travel bug.] So I thought I was organized. At least until I couldn’t find the bag of travel bugs. Then I started to get e-mails from the owners—“You’ve held my TB long enough. Please get it moving.”

I was doing some house cleaning over the Labor Day weekend and found the “lost” TB bag under my nightstand. I let the owners know that they had been found and prompted placed most of them in Connie’s 50th B-Day TB Hotel and then picked up Connie’s 50th B-day TB as a trade. I’m happy to report that all the TBs I placed that day have now been picked up and are on their way to other caches. The Connie’s 50th B-day TB wants to make the 50-state circuit. I did my part in moving it in and out of caches in Nevada, Arizona, and Utah and then left it in St. George, Utah in FoxHogs #11.

The trip to Utah was too quick and too busy to do much geocaching. I enjoy visiting areas that are new to me—lots of virgin geocaching territory—but this trip had other purposes. Actually, I really didn’t worry about caching. I was busy with more important things.