Winter Geocaching Southern California Style

December 28, 2010

Ventura Harbor

After geocaching in Utah in 5 degree weather during Thanksgiving and then geocaching is southeast Texas for Christmas, we are back home in southern California in time for the new year.  Today, the weather was perfect and with rain predicted for tomorrow, we decided to head to Ventura Harbor for lunch and a little geocaching.

It couldn’t have been a nicer day.  Nice sun, light breeze.  And plenty of caches that I haven’t done.  Many of the caches were placed by gsmx2.  After we did 1603 Anchors Way Drive, we stopped by the nearby office and got to meet gsmx2, aka Scott.  I always enjoy meeting fellow geocachers.

Ventura Harbor

After meeting Scott, we found “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay-West Coast TB Spa”.  It’s located on a Harbor Patrol dock, but geocachers have the permission to access it.

There is a group of caches across the water in the park on the jetty.  Russian Mermaid is at the end of the park.  It’s an interesting sculpture. Ventura Harbor

Ventura Harbor

It was a great day of geocaching.  We had 19 finds in the harbor and 5 others on the way–in Santa Paula and Ventura.


Geocaching Texas Style

December 23, 2010


I’m in Texas for Christmas this year.  I’ve had the chance to do some geocaching.  Yesterday, we were at Brazos Bend State Park.  The park hosts 59 caches, but I was only able to score an Earthcache.  We did, however, get up close and personal with some the the American alligators that are a highlight of the park.

Have a Merry Christmas.  By the way, it’s not raining here.  Yet, anyway.

One Perfect Day of Geocaching

December 9, 2010


Today, I did the segment of the Backbone Trail from the Stunt Road/Schueren Road trailhead to Las Virgenes/Piuma with Albackore, Don_J, and Foon.  The hike was about 8 miles and went through some great areas.  It was a perfect day of geocaching—great friends, fine weather, a very nice route, and no DNFs.

I hiked this same section of the trail before.  I checked on the date when we got home; it was exactly 4 years ago–December 9, 2006.  There were a few caches along the trail then and many more now.  The purpose of today’s hike was for Albackore and Foon–Jeff and Alan–to get all the caches on this segment of the Backbone Trail to qualify for the challenge cache Spinal Tap.

Here is a photo of Jeff and Alan logging SWIFTS’ ROOST RETURNS

I ended the day with 17 new finds.  That was nice.  But it was particularly nice to get out for a nice hike.  Today will be hard to beat.  It is just what I needed this week.

Here is the route that we hiked today–from east to west