Ventura County Quad Challenge

October 12, 2011


The Ventura County Quad Challenge GC22cJJ requires finders to find a cache in each of the 40 USGS 7.5 minute topographical map quadrangles that cover Ventura County.  This is not an easy task because of the remote nature of some of the quads in the County.  Several quads are only accessible by hiking and others are recommended for approach by 4-wheel drive vehicles.

The Challenge was requested after several cachers had finished the Los Angeles County Quadrangle Challenge and wanted to continue with quad theme.


My goal was to finish all 50 quads about a year ago.  On October 9, 2010, I tried to round up all the quads that I still hadn’t found a cache in.  I almost did it; however, the most accessible cache in the Apache Canyon quad wasn’t accessible at all.  The road had been washed out in a recent storm.  I got all the other caches done, but for the past year, I have had Apache Canyon quad still to do.


chaosmanor placed Medicine Man (GC29WTE) on the north edge of the Apache Canyon quad in June 2010, but the cache wasn’t approved until April 2011.  Without the approval issues, I would have been able to complete the challenge a year ago because I drove right by Medicine Man on my October 2010 outing.


Today, I was able to put Medicine Man in the found column and claim a victory in the VC Quad Challenge. It’s been a fun challenge to complete.

Sunflowers South of Simi Valley

During my caching adventures in Ventura County, I had my best single day for finding–105 on January 2, 2009, the best day for hiking caches–71 on 11/21/09, and I’m not sure of how many cases of poison oak.


I’ve enjoyed the rural and wilderness nature of much of Ventura County.  I’ve had a good time cruising through the citrus and avocado orchards, the strawberry and raspberry fields, and hiking the chaparral-covered hills of the County.

Santa Paula Beekeepers

One the way to finding a cache in each of the 50 quads that make up Ventura County, I have found 2788 caches in the county.  667 of those caches have been archived.  I have 23 active hides in the county.


This collection of photos is from my geocaching adventures in Ventura County.  It’s a great place to live and a fine place for geocaching.


I’m only the 5th geocacher to complete this challenge.  I know there are a number of other cachers that are very close to finishing.  Hopefully, the return of more pleasant hiking weather will be the key that will help others to finish this challenge.