September 30, 2011



I haven’t been geocaching much lately.  A combination of a bunch of personal responsibilities have kept the numbers down for the last few month.  Yesterday, Wendy and I drove up the coast and picked up some caches along the way.  I realized that I was creeping up on #7000.  I didn’t want the milestone cache to be a lame light pole cache, so I stopped at #6999.



This morning, I headed to Corriganville to find Pass the Pipe.  I wanted #7000 to be earned with at least a little bit of sweat.  The morning was foggy and I had the trail to myself.  After a quick walk through the park and crossing the railroad tracks, I headed up the trail to the cache.  It was a quick find and a very nice morning for a walk.


Last week, the Sun headed south and crossed the Equator ending Summer and starting Autumn.  One of the signs of Fall is the Fall colors.  In our neighborhood, that is usually confined to my favorite shrub, poison oak.  Corriganville contains a lot of poison oak and it is starting to put on its shades of orange and red.

With the cooler weather, perhaps it will be easier to get back on the trail and to do some more geocaching.  #8000 is only 1000 finds away.