Serrano Valley

April 24, 2010

Today I hiked into Serrano Valley.  Except for a brief “Hello” to a passing hiker, I had the entire valley to myself the entire day.  It was a great day for a hike.  Sunny, with a nice ocean breeze.

Serrano Valley might be called “No Hint Valley.”  None of the caches that I went after had a hint.  Most didn’t need one.  The coordinates were good and the hides were ammo boxes.  But on a few, a hint or two would have been welcome.

Can You See the Geocache?

I started with Happy Place.  It wasn’t a great start.  The cache is 40 feet away from the GZ.  Once I read the past logs, I was able to quickly find the cache.  I then moved to Serrano Tank Farm East.  A quick find, but then I realized that I should have headed first to Serrano Eastside Vista first.  So back I went.

My problem, however, was that I climbed the wrong ridge to get to the cache.  So down the hill and then back up.  The views from the cache were nice, but I was bushed from doubling the climbing.

Most of the rest of the caches were located along the old paved road that runs through the middle of the valley.

The grasses were still green, but were starting to go to seed.  There were also still a lot of wildflowers.

Serrano Valley was a working ranch.  The ranch house burned down several years ago.  There is remaining equipment in the valley that’s interesting.

I enjoyed my time in the valley.  I enjoyed the tall grasses, the birds, the lizards, and the flowers.  Because of my late start and need to finish early, I called it a day after I found TICKled Pink.  I had to leave the several other caches on the loop and a few others for the main trail for another day.

Today’s visit to Serrano Valley was my first, but I’m sure that it won’t be my last.  For my brief visit, I found 12 caches.

Happy Place
Serrano Tank Farm East
Serrano Eastside Vista
Itchy – Scratchy
Serrano Rock Gorge
Serrano Loop Kitchen Cache
Hickory Dickory Dock
meTICKulous & parTICKular
Serrano Loop Water Works
TICKled Pink
Boney Boundary Cache

Here is a view of today’s track.