July 2009

July 31, 2009

I started July in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, finding GC14N8N Founder’s Wharf.  It was Canada Day and the cache was on the edge of the area being used for the holiday celebrations.  It was a good cache to find because I DNFed all the other caches in town.  Founder’s Wharf was my only PEI cache.  It is 2977 miles from home, the second farthest cache from home.  (The farthest is only 113 miles farther–I found it the day before in Nova Scotia.)

I just ended the month by finding the closest unfound (for me, anyway) to my house.  GC1WDBT Inside Job is only .5 miles away.

We also traveled to Texas last week and found 46 caches ranging from 1400 and 1440 miles from home.

While not my biggest month of finds, it certainly was the most far flung.  We had a great time caching in the rain in Maine and Nova Scotia to the heat and humidity of southeast Texas, and a few at home, too.


Geocaching in Texas

July 29, 2009
At the Mosquito Festival

At the Mosquito Festival

I got home yesterday from a visit to my daughter and son-in-law’s in Texas.  They live in the southeast Texas town of Richwood.  As far as geocaching goes, there are a lot of them in the area and I had a good time finding some.

My first attempt ended with a DNF–at least.  It was called P. I. Farm.  I didn’t realize what P.I. meant until I arrived at the site–Poison Ivy.  Why anyone would knowingly put a cache in the middle of a bunch of poison ivy is beyond me.  I cautiously looked for a while, but then decided that it just wasn’t worth it.  From what I can tell, poison ivy is everywhere.  It’s difficult to go into the woods and not be surrounded by it.  Sandals and shorts aren’t the way to go in these areas.

Later in the day, while my wife and daughter were shopping, I did a little urban caching in downtown Lake Jackson.  There is a magnetic cache on the underside of the table above.  I decided to go for it.  I got the cache and replaced it without the guy sitting at the table even aware that I was there.

That evening we attended the Great Mosquito Festival in Clute.  Luckily, no mosquitoes that night, but I did find a well hidden cache on the Festival grounds–Willie Man-Chew–named for the mascot of the festival.

We took a nice trip along to Gulf Coast on our way to Galveston, picking up a few caches along the way.  One of my favorites is pictured below.  It was located in a bird viewing area on Galveston Island.  While I did see some birds, I saw a lot more mosquitoes–or should I say that they saw me.  As long as I was moving I was OK.  As soon as I stopped, my legs were covered with mosquitoes.  Motivation to sign the log quickly.

The cache was a lock-n-lock box under the feeder

The cache was a lock-n-lock box under the feeder

Another interesting cache in the area was Heart attack waiting to happen!.  Check out the photo and you will see how it got its name.

We got a Webcam cache right before lunch.  You can’t tell that us in the photo, but we are standing on the corner of the dock in Galveston.

I ended up with 46 caches on the trip.  If Virtuals were still allowed, I found a few good ones at the Johnson Space Center in Houston.  Like “Touch a Piece of the Moon.”

Or, how about “Stand Next to Saturn?”

I got a new “most southernly” cache on the trip:  GC1FYXG Chemical Plant Tree.  There is a series of Chemical Plant caches and it only took me finding 3 or 4 before I figured out the names.  There are a lot of chemical plants in the area, but these didn’t have anything to do with the plants (as in factories); it described the actual caches–they were all attached to plastic (or chemical) plants.

And I think we have a new geocaching convert–my son-in-law James, or rw111.  He has a very good eye for finding caches (better than mine).  I knew he had the caching bug when he wanted to go after a 4/1 cache.  And he didn’t want to quit until he found it.

Here he is at the cache—19 Pelicans at dining hall 20–and, no, we didn’t find it.

Here is the list of the caches that I found this week:

7/28/2009 GC1E88H Hollow Tree Covered with Moss
7/28/2009 GC1E14F Take Time To Play
7/28/2009 GC1EDV2 Survey Says…!
7/28/2009 GC1N4WY Panache
7/28/2009 GC1F6WY Veterans Park
7/28/2009 GC1NHK4 Dedicated to E.D.
7/27/2009 GCF44D Mighty Mega House
7/27/2009 GCRK7A Pepper’s Flatt Lake
7/27/2009 GCWXRA Beat the Heat TH #1
7/27/2009 GCXYFN Brissany – One Degree of Separation
7/27/2009 GC11C51 one fish
7/27/2009 GC154RM FSB #4 – Art Wolfe
7/27/2009 GC1EE0G Last Lifeline
7/27/2009 GC1FRN9 The Tree Knows
7/27/2009 GC1F6WR Welcome to Angleton II
7/27/2009 GC1EXRW Brazos Lighthouse
7/27/2009 GC1VEK6 Happy Birthday Preston!
7/27/2009 GC1RCBC Yellow Pizza
7/25/2009 GC1TMHC Historic Galveston Cemetery Cache
7/25/2009 GC1TMHA Pirate Battle/Treasure? Site
7/25/2009 GC1TBGE A birds eye view
7/25/2009 GC1TARV Heart attack waiting to happen!
7/25/2009 GC1T89G asiel’s Mammoth Lake
7/25/2009 GCXDAG Phone Home
7/25/2009 GC6212 Harbor Cam Cache
7/24/2009 GCRPPQ road side pull off
7/24/2009 GC167CD Battleground
7/24/2009 GC1C88M Chemical Plant III
7/24/2009 GC1E604 Where generals keep their armies
7/24/2009 GC1EDD0 Flat_3 B&B_14
7/24/2009 GC1FYXF Park Post
7/24/2009 GC1FYXG Chemical Plant Tree
7/24/2009 GC1JW4K Copy Cat Chemical Plant B
7/24/2009 GC1QPN3 2004 5
7/23/2009 GC1EF6E Parking Way
7/23/2009 GC1DCEY FLAT_ONE B&B_12
7/23/2009 GC1EA6A Where’s George?
7/23/2009 GC1DPT1 Flat_2 B&B_13
7/23/2009 GC1AC2E Good Book
7/23/2009 GC19P9Q One Degree of Separation: MTP visits Gor
7/23/2009 GC1RXJG Yin and Yang 2
7/23/2009 GC1J8RX Can_U_C_SC_TX? B&B_31
7/23/2009 GC1HFKV Soccer II
7/23/2009 GC1VV8C Willie Man-Chew
7/23/2009 GC1VH60 “She thinks my tractors sexy”
7/23/2009 GC1NT33 Whatapipe

Back from Vacation

July 6, 2009

I returned home today from a fine vacation.  We flew to Boston, then took a cruise to Montreal, with stops in Bar Harbor, Maine; Halifax and Sydney, Nova Scotia; Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island; Quebec City and Montreal, Quebec.

I was able to find some caches along the way–2 in Bar Harbor, 5 in Halifax, 1 in Sydney, 1 in Charlottetown, and 2 in Montreal.  I got DNFed in Quebec City.  My Pocket Query failed and geocaching.com was down that day, so I couldn’t check on any details.  Not that it have helped–seems the quebecois don’t like to give any hints or details in their cache descriptions.

Not a lot of caches for 11 days, but I was just trying to get at least 1 cache in each province that I visited and that goal was met.

I’ll post some photos in the next few days of the international adventure.