Hollywoodland Waymark

September 27, 2005

The Hollywoodland Waymark
I did what I think is an interesting waymark today–the comparsion of the same geographic location shown in photographs taken at least 50 years apart. I found a 1925 photo of the entrance to Hollywoodland. Since I have driven through this area several times doing other caches, I figure this would be an interesting candidate for the waymark. At the waymark linked above, I have another set of comparison photos taken just a few feet north of the gate.

My New Webcam Cache

September 23, 2005

I finally got around to doing a webcam cache. I’ve visited and logged webcam caches, but this one I own. Or own at least until they do away with webcam caches. The cache is named very creatively—Santa Monica Pier.

I was in Santa Monica for a training conference, so I stopped by the Santa Monica Pier to do a couple of caches. Before I went, I found a webcam that shows the entrance to the Pier, so I figure, “Why not do a cache with it.” I called my daugter, Julie, and she took my photo. Unfortuately, the camera doesn’t zoom, so you can’t really see how good looking I am from the photo. By the way, Julie is very talented, smart, and a bunch of other things that she told me that I should say, but I can’t remember right now.

The cache had its first visit last night, so it’s up and going.

Simi Valley Parks Cache Series

September 5, 2005

I’ve created a series of caches in many of the parks in Simi Valley. The red triangles above indicate where the caches are located. The link to the complete list of caches is at SV Overlook. The series appears to be quite popular. There were so few new caches, I decided to jumpstart the system. Hopefully, others will do the same.