Some Cold Weather Caching

November 25, 2010


I’m in Utah, enjoying Thanksgiving with my daughter’s family.  Between playing Grandpa, I’ve had a chance to do a little geocaching.  In 5 degree weather, no less.

The first taste of cold caching was a quick stop along I-15 outside of the Zion NP Kolob Canyon visitors center.  A little snow was blowing, but the cool, clean air felt nice.  I almost passed on If you could Hide to Kolob because I just couldn’t see it.  After I got back into the car, I spotted the cache.  It was a replacement cache and was no where near where the hint suggested.



I disturbed a large flock of Canada geese that we standing on the ice.  As I got close enough for a decent photo of the large birds, they became camera-shy to took to the air.


This was the view tonight at sunset when I picked up Say “Cheese”!, the quickest multi-cache I have ever done.  All 4 legs were within 100 feet of each other.  I got it with my son, Mike.  We haven’t geocached together since I found my first 3 caches back in 2001.

We have one more full day here before heading back home on Saturday.  I’ve enjoyed the change in weather.  It’s interested to see animal track in the snow instead of the mud.


Wind-Blown Geocaching

November 13, 2010


Today was very nice day to go for a geocaching hike.  Very nice except for the wind.  I wanted to get out, so I went in spite of the wind.

I had 2 hikes in mind.  The first required a car shuttle, so I drove to the end and had my wife take me to the beginning trailhead on Erbes.

The hike follows the fence line on the west side of Wood Ranch Reservoir.  There are 12 caches along the path that I took and I got them all.  There are some great views along the way.  I was surprised that I could see all the way to the coast and beyond to Anacapa Island.



After a quick lunch and a couple of geocache finds, I headed up First Street to the Long Canyon trailhead for the second hike.  I only had a general idea of where I wanted to go; there are a lot of nice trails in the area.  I did the loop shown above.

I had a few DNFs.  I’m still not sure why we hide bison tubes out in the middle of nowhere.  I found some and DNFed some.  It’s all part of the game, I guess.  There are also several old-school full-sized ammo cans along the way.

I haven’t been in this area for a while, but will be back sooner than later.  I enjoyed the open areas so close to home.  I ended the day with 20 finds along the trail and 2 parking lot caches at lunch.

The ABCs and 123s of Geocaching

November 11, 2010

Today I finished two interesting challenge caches.  California ABC Challenge requires finding a cache that begins with each letter of the alphabet to qualify to find the final.  6 Birthdays Challenge OC requires finding a cache on the first anniversary of its placement, then the second through the sixth anniversaries.

Both final caches are in Orange County.  The ABC Challenge final is in Santa Ana and the Birthday final is in Costa Mesa.  I had Veterans Day off, so we had a day of adventure and picked up these caches’ finals.  It was the second try for me for California ABC Challenge.  The final is quite the challenge by itself.  The Birthday final was just a matter of poking around in the right bush without the bushes poking back.

Thanks BajaTym for setting up these two challenges.

Hometown Caching

November 6, 2010


I took some time today to pick up a few caches near home.  I haven’t been doing too much geocaching at home, so I had plenty of caches to pick from.

While running an errand, I stopped at Switcheroo, only to find about 6 guys eating lunch at ground zero.  Did a U-turn and headed to Log Pile Traverse.  The cache’s description made it sound way more difficult than it really was and I had the cache in my hand within seconds of arriving.  It was a nice hide.

After finishing my chores around the house, I decided to do a few caches that required short walks.  Whos barking under the rock is only a mile from my house and has been there since January, so it seemed like a good choice.  The cache is hidden in an area spoiled by fools that think the rocks are there for obscene graffiti.


The next cache was in the same general area.  Geronimo is hidden on the North Ridge Trail, which overlooks the city.  It’s a short trail that runs along the west side of the housing development in an open space area.  Again, Geronimo has been there since January and I hadn’t given it a try.  I did pick a nice day.  The clouds give the sky some personality.

The final cache for the day was North Ridge Trail Geocache Reborn!!.  It’s only been there since September.  It replaced a cache that was burned up in a small fire in August.

Simi Valley has a lot of nice caches.  I guess I should spend more time caching closer to home.

Semi-Urban Geocaching

November 3, 2010

One of the joys of geocaching is finding places that you would otherwise never know about.

Today, I visited a new park in Los Angeles.  More correctly, it will be a park; right now it’s only an open space in East Los Angeles.  The east side of the area is currently under construction.

I was in the area last week and found 1SG Ascot Hills #1, but I didn’t have time to do the hike for the other 3 caches in the park.  I chose today, one of the hottest days in weeks (perhaps months) to do these caches.

After finding three nearby caches–1SG Soto Trail, 1SG Valley Temple, 1SG vALLEY–I did the short hike up the hill to find 1SG Ascot Hills #2 TOTT needed, 1SG Green Eggs and Ham, and 1SG Ascot Hills #3.

It is always nice to be able to get outside the city at lunchtime, even if still being surrounded by the city.  I look forward to seeing how the development of the park turns out.

Thanks, 1SGRock, for the new caches in the area.



Another Challenge Cache

November 1, 2010

My Finds for the Challenge

For the last 40 days or so, I have been working on a challenge cache that has taken some extra planning.  6 Birthdays Challenge OC requires that you find 6 caches on the anniversary of their placement.  The finds need to be in order:  first the find on the first anniversary of the cache, then the second, and so on.

I started with AlleyCat Cache 1 and found it on its first anniversary–September 20th.  Short Cut To Pennsylvania was my second find–on 10/02.  I soon realized that finding caches on their anniversaries was going to be a challenge, especially when I had already found so many caches in my normal caching area.

#3 was Rattlesnake 75 , found on 10/11.  #4 was found on 10/28 — Crossroads. I was able to finish the qualifying caches Saturday with #5 Caity#1, followed by #6 a few minutes later–Lynn Road Divide.

Caity#1 was a little extra challenging.  We had a good rain overnight, but Saturday morning was beautiful.  I decided to go for both caches in spite of the rains because the alternative was to wait for a few weeks to get qualifying caches.  Caity#1 is located in Wildwood Park in Thousand Oaks.  At first the road/trail was in good condition.  Once I left the road for the trail, the clay/mud started loading up on my shoes.  Soon, I had several inches of the clay coating the soles of my shoes, which completely eliminated any traction on the steep downhill slope.  I was skating more than I was walking.  After the find, I decided to take a longer track back to the car–one not so steep or so muddy.

If you are up for an interesting challenge cache, give 6 Birthdays Challenge OC a try.  I still need to find the final.  It’s in Orange County, so it might take a while.