Santa Susana State Historic Park


After a long (too long) time away from the trail, I did a couple of short hikes in Santa Susana State Historic Park yesterday.  The primary purpose was to place the physical cache associated with Los Angeles County Quadrangle Challenge.  This was done along the Stagecoach Trail that leads from the trailhead at Lilac Road down the hill into Chatsworth.


I was surprised with how many wildflowers were in bloom.  I hope you enjoy the photos that I captured of the color.


After placing the cache, I drove to the parking spot closest to the Los Angeles County and City border.  Los Angeles post No Parking signs along Santa Susana Pass Road a few years ago, so you need to park in Ventura County to access the trailhead near  Beware of Rocks.


The poison oak is doing very well.  There was lots of variety in color.  This patch was really interesting.  The normal light green and berries of spring, but with the red that normally isn’t seen until fall.


Dodder is starting to make a show also.


As well as the buckwheat.  These blossoms will end up a dark rust color.


I headed down this trail to look for Fallen Oak, a cache placed by my hiking and geocaching friend Don aka Don_J.  Don placed this cache in 2014 and it only has about 16 log entries.  I was glad to find it, but a bit sad because it reminded me that Don isn’t with us anymore.




As I continued my walk up the hill, I came across this interesting fellow.  Not sure yet what he is, but he was fast and didn’t want to smile for the camera. [Note:  I learned that this is a velvet ant, which is a wingless wasp and has a painful sting.]

Before turning back for home, I stopped at Impregnable Two The Return, an interesting puzzle that I failed to solve, but succeeded in breaking??  I returned a couple of pieces to its owner,  lightningstar, and I’ll try my hand at it again.


It was an enjoyable couple of hours on the trail.  I’m looking forward to another adventure soon.


One Response to Santa Susana State Historic Park

  1. Ed Karnes says:

    Glad to see you back.

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