Getting Blown Away on Ball Bearings

May 20, 2013

About a month ago, the Earthcache–Ball Bearing Hill–was published by Mark/GoinHikin.  The cache is located on the Chumash Trail and not far from home.

P1010474The sign says “End,” but I was only beginning

I really enjoy EarthCaches and Mark did a particularly good job on this one.  I decided I wanted to do it right away.  Unfortunately, “right away” turned out to be a full month.  Strangely enough, I was still the second to find the cache behind Mike/lightningstar.

P1010476A nice view of Simi Valley and the trail head

Mark gives a very detailed description of the geology of the hills north of Simi Valley.  One interesting tidbit–the part of the Chumash Trail described in this Earthcache is more that 1800 feet above sea level, but was once more than 4000-5000 feet beneath the sea.

 P1010477One of the few blooms along the trail today

The trail head is only a mile from my home.  When I left home, there wasn’t even a breeze.  At the trail head, there was only a slight whisper of one.  On the trail, it was a different story.  The farther I went, the harder the wind blew.  It times it was difficult to walk without getting knocked around.



I had the trail almost to myself today.  I got nearly run over by a mountain biker going way too fast on a very narrow section of the trail.  And a solo woman hiker going uphill passed me while I was at the GZ.



Some of the rocks along the side of the trail on the way up the hill


If you haven’t done the Chumash Trail, or haven’t done it in a while, come on up.  There are now 20 active caches along the trail from the trail head to the intersection with Rocky Peak Road–about 3 miles.

P1010489Home to one of the caches near the trail


Thank you, Mark, for a very well-done and informative Earthcache.  I always enjoy knowing what I’m stepping on while I’m hiking.