Malibu Creek State Park


I enjoyed a hike today in Malibu Creek State Park.  This was my first time hiking in the main part of the park.  I came here for 2 caches for the Santa Monica Mtns History AdventureLife is Paramount in Malibu Creek and MASH Cache.  I’m glad that those caches brought me here.  It’s a very nice area.


I parked on Mulholland Highway, just west of Las Virgenes Road, at the Grasslands Trailhead.  Free Parking beats the $12 to park inside the state park any day.  It only took about 15 minutes to get from the truck to the Life is Paramount in Malibu Creek cache.  It’s a good climb up the hill, but the views are nice.

P1010999After finding the cache, I descended the hill and started walking up the road toward the MASH Cache.  There are several nice caches along the way, including 2 consecutive Earthcaches.  While it was sunny, the morning hadn’t yet heated up and the walk was pleasant.  The road is mainly level, with only one pitch of uphill.  The entire walk was enjoyable.



After crossing a bridge, the path turns from road to trail.  The trail follows the creek bed.  Not too much farther, the area widens out, you can see a MASH ambulance, and realize that you have arrived at the MASH site.  Just around the corner from the ambulance is the film location for the TV show.  There are several interpretive signs describing what happened and where.  The MASH Cache is easily located.  I thought the ammo box blended in quite with the MASH memorabilia.

P1020003A View from the MASH Filming Location


After leaving the MASH site, I hiked up Lost Cabin Trail for a couple of caches.  The rock above is near Judy’s Cabin This Way, the second of the two caches that I found along this trail.  As an added bonus, there is cell phone coverage here and I was able to send an “I”m OK” text home.  There are other caches along this trail, but they will have to wait for a return visit.


One of the highlights of this hike was the Forest Trail.  Forest Trail runs on the south side Century Lake.  The entire trail is in the shade and often in the shade of sequoia trees.  How in the world did they get here?  I was under the impression that I could make a loop by following the Forest Trail to the dam, then cross back over to the road on the north side of the lake.  No so.  Forest Trail is a dead-end at the dam.  I wasn’t a problem, however, because the trail is so nice.

mash 140213Trail profile and track

The entire hike took about 4 hours.  I covered about 7.5 miles and found 14 geocaches.  A very nice day of hiking.


One Response to Malibu Creek State Park

  1. Elin Carlson says:

    That’s such a great hike! Did you get deja-vu at the MASH site? I did… lol

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