After another visit to see my mother in West Los Angeles, I cached my way home by way of the Pacific Palisades and Topanga Canyon for a few more Santa Monica Mtns History Adventure caches.

First up was Skull Rock and Weird Science.  I began my hike at the trailhead below Switching Back to Concrete.  I liked this cache because it introduced me to a new trailhead, complete with special parking and restrooms.  I started off in the wrong direction–up the road.  The proper way is on the concrete dike. After climbing up the hill on the longest concrete path I’ve seen, the cache was a quick find.  Then it was dirt trail hiking along the Temescal Ridge Trail for the other caches.


The views were interesting today.  Palos Verdes and Catalina were clearly visible, but not the Pacific Ocean.  Everything low was covered in a blanket of fog.  Nice views, none the less.

The next cache was Don_J‘s Why no Cache?  I had a problem with this cache, mainly because it was right in front of me.  I hate when that happens.


Skull Rock  isn’t too close to Skull Rock, but it has a nice view of it.  The cache is located in the scratchy ceanothus.  As a few of the logs mention, be prepared to get a bit scratched up.  And what’s a geocaching adventure if you don’t draw a little blood.


I picked up Decent View on my way to Weird Science.  Weird Science was the turn around point for this hike.  After the find, it was mostly an uphill return to the trailhead.


The second hike of the day was in Red Rock Park.  It’s located west of Old Topanga Road on Red Rock Road.  The parking is posted by MRCA as $5, but there weren’t any envelopes in the Iron Ranger. I’m not sure if that means that they are no longer collecting or if the rangers just didn’t bother to put out the envelope. Either way, today was free parking for me.  There are several Foocachers caches along the trail to Red Rock Roost, but I only found Foos Red Rock Canyon View.  It’s an easy terrain cache.  I passed on the other 2 because I don’t like rock scrabbling/climbing when I’m hiking alone.


When I arrived at the GZ for Red Rock Roost, I sat down on the couch and spotted the cache right away. I enjoyed looking through the “old” original logbook and seeing names from the past like the sr.hikers.

With this find, I have 3 SMMHA caches today. Only 5 more finds to qualify for the Santa Monica Mtns History Adventure. Hopefully, that will happen on 2/22.


The Temescal Ridge hike to Skull Rock and Weird Science was 2.17x miles, with 1132 feet of elevation gain.  The round trip took me 52 minutes of hiking time and 44 minutes for looking for the caches, taking photos, and getting scratched by the ceanothus.

red rock roost

The trip to Red Rock Roost was 1.66 miles and 1098 feet of elevation gain.  39 minutes of hike and 37 minutes of sitting, cache seeking, and being lazy.


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