More Caching in the Santa Monica Mountains


Yesterday and today, I did more hiking to pick up some caches for the Santa Monica Mtns History Adventure.  Wednesday’s goal was The Bench, Night to Remember and Then Some, and CELESTIAL CACHE.  All are located in the Conejo Open Space area.

While I had hiked along the trails closest to the city, I had never been very far back in this very nice area.  The Bench  is a straight-forward cache.  Night to Remember and Then Some is more complicated.  It requires finding another cache, then checking out the area you can see from the cache location for something out of place.  Further complicating the find is the fact the the other cache has been archived for years.  I got some assistance from EcuaDeb, who told me the general area to search for the final.  It worked out just fine.  I found the cache without a problem.  The current problem with the cache is that I was the Last to Find it.  The cache owner archived the cache right after I logged the find.  We are hoping that he will reverse that action and Night to Remember and Then Some will live on.


A very dry depression that can be a vernal pool if it ever rains

I enjoyed hiking is area.  Apparently, a lot of locals do, too.  I saw more people walking these trails than I have in pretty much any other area.


Here is Wednesday’s trail track and profile.  After hiking here, I moved west and logged CELESTIAL CACHE for another SMMHA find.


Today’s hike was in Point Mugu State Park.  The target caches were Peace, Love and Joy and So Close, Yet So Far.  I parked at the trailhead at the end of Wendy Drive, hiking up to the Windmill, and then up Boney Trail.  I was amazed at the amount of destruction caused by the Springs Fire in May.  Very little recovery can be seen.  That’s probably because of the lack rain.



One of my first geocaching finds was along this trail back in June 2001.  The area looked a bit different then.

The weather was cloudy, cool, and the wind got stronger as the day went  on.  I didn’t mind the cool; I was sweating plenty anyway because of the work of climbing the hill.

P1010975View of Tri-Peak from Peace, Love and Joy


After finding Peace, Love and Joy, I headed down the hill to the Upper Sycamore Canyon Trail to locate So Close, Yet So Far.  It is an offset cache and I figured out a couple of different ways to find it.  I didn’t need both options; I found the cache in the first place I looked.  Sometimes it just works out that way.


Today’s hike was 7.25 miles and took me 4 hours; 2 hours to get from the truck to Peace, Love and Joy and 2 hours to go down the hill, then back up to the parking area.


Next trip on the docket is Tri-Peak, scheduled for Saturday morning.


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