Caching Serrania

August 7, 2013

I’ve had my eye on Super Secret Spy Stuff for quite a while.  Once upon a time, when the cache was fairly new, I tried to find it.  It was one of those “Woodland Hills-is-hotter-than-Hell” days.   I tried going for it on a whim.  I didn’t even take any water.  The “no-plan” wasn’t a good plan and I had to abandon the search.

Today, I had a plan and the weather was cooperative.  Super Secret Spy Stuff was once one of the few caches in the area.  Today, I was able to find 10 caches and one DNF.


Serrania Serenity was my first stop and almost a DNF.  I looked and looked some more and then was ready to give up when I spotted the cache.  It was then time to head up the hill.



At Albackore‘s Girls Rule, Boys Drool!, I noticed a few strange sights.  First, I noticed the leftovers of a geocacher that perhaps melted in the summer heat.  All that was left was the thread of his shoe.  Then, just inches from the cache, an empty bottle of Jack Daniels.  I know that sometimes geocaching can be frustrating, but I hope it doesn’t drive drive you to drink.


If you are a fan of Benchmarks, there are several along the Serrania Ridge Trail.

Finding Super Secret Spy Stuff wasn’t a problem at all.  I know that it has disappeared from time to time.  But the cache owner has recently replaced the cache and it’s loaded with plenty of goodies.  If you are working on Santa Monica Mtns History Adventure or need a cache that was published in 2001, now is your chance to get this one into your Found column before it grows legs and wanders off again.

After finding the cache, I continued up to Mulholland, DNFed Joe (If I had been thinking, I would have brought a replacement–Sorry, Don), then continued south for a few more caches.

Panorama serrania

The view from the top is a nice one.  Today, the Valley was pretty clear.

The hike was a nice one.  It was about 3.0 miles round trip.  However, with the climb, it seemed a bit longer.  I recommend it, especially on a nice clear day.

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