Central Coast

My daughter’s family came from Utah for a nice vacation from the snow and the cold. They were nice enough to invite us along for an adventure along the Central Coast. It’s always great to have a chance to be a grandpa.


The first stop was the Monarch Butterfly Grove in Pismo Beach. It was also the first cache of the trip–Monarch Parking. We found several people using a phone trampling around, looking for something. We said hello, introduced ourselves, and learned that this was there first cache search. I looked for the cache exactly where it was hidden, I just didn’t look well enough. Which was great, because once I realized the cache was probably where I had looked, they were able to make the actual find.


The weather was especially warm for February and the butterflies were extra active. They put on a great show.
The next destination was the elephant seal rookery north of San Simeon. However, we made a quick stop at Yipes Stripes! There is a group of zebras pastured along the road. Unfortunately, the herd was smaller than I’ve seen and a bit far away for a good view. It was then on to the elephant seals.


The elephant seals are a great wonder of the Central Coast. The current residents are a mixture of females who have recently given birth, their offspring, adult males looking to mate, and sub-adult males getting ignored.




The official elephant seal viewing area is always crowded with visitors. There is a smaller parking area a couple hundred yards north that is a better spot to park. And if you want a more private viewing experience, check out the beach adjacent to White Rocks.




Our rental house was between Stairing at the Sea and Cambria TB & Coin Motel. I found Stairing at the Sea and also found a beautiful area of tidal pools. We spent the morning exploring the area. Later, we visited a park where the Cambria TB & Coin Motel is hidden.


The ammo box is an easy find. However, it’s hidden under a large clump of poison oak. Why would anyone hide a cache in poison oak?



There are plenty of geocaches in the Cambria area. I had the chance to find a few others, but the purpose of the trip wasn’t geocaching. It was family time. And we had a great time doing exactly that.


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  1. erikajean says:

    All kinds of wild life!

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