All the Way to Bill’s Rule


This morning, Foocachers, Gummyfroglightningstar, pianofab, and I set off for Bill’s Rule and points closer about sunrise.  We met at the trailhead near  Roscoe – Valley Circle Park Trailhead, quickly found this cache, then started up the hill.  The last time I was here was Christmas Eve morning.  Gummyfroglightningstar, and I were hiking this as a second leg of the morning.  The idea was to go all the way to Bill’s Rule, but it was clear to all of us that the last four caches along this trail would have to wait for another day.  The wind was blowing too hard and we had used quite a bit of our time and energy hiking down from Woolsey Canyon.  See my blog entry for that hike here.


After a short, but steep, climb to the ridgeline, we waited for Kenyon (Foocachers) and Fabrizio (pianofab) to find and log GC40DC Witchy Wealth  before we headed west up the hill.  There are a number of caches along the trail for Kenyon and Fabrizio to pick up that the rest of us had found on previous visits.

I did identify a spot along the trail that qualified for a cache, so I placed GC3CE25  Bill’s Rule Corollary.  Bill’s Rule states that when hiding a cache on a new trail, always put it at the absolute end of the trail. This way, new cache hides won’t cause you to walk the entire trail a second time.  Bill’s Rule Corollary states that when hiking along a trail that you don’t particularly want to revisit, make sure that no return visit will be necessary by placing caches in all the open spots along the trail.   Kenyon also placed a new cache, Squeezing in a Foo cache .  This will hopefully prevent another climb UP this ridge.


The trail is OK at best and quite steep until it reaches GC194KM You’ve Got Mail.  The trail then becomes a “trail” and sometimes a “??trail??” as it first descends and then resumes the climb.  When we did find a trail, with was very overgrown with brush and we had to fight our way through it.  Often the brush won.


We had no luck with Skull Mountain, but had a good idea that it was missing before we left.  Don, the cache’s owner, gave us a new ammo can for a replacement cache.  Delta Quadrant – Beyond the Pale, Rock Garden Surprise, and Bill’s Rule were all straight-forward finds.  The problem, of course, was getting up the hill to find them.

Delta Quadrant – Beyond the Pale, Rock Garden Surprise, and Bill’s Rule hadn’t been found in a year.  Skull Mountain was last found in June 2010.


It was a very good hike today.  Personally, I found the five caches that I set out to get, placed a cache and have a beta find on another.  And my count for my 5-mile radius is now down to only three.

to bills

The hike covered 2.65 miles and we climbed (and descended) 1140 ft.  It took 2 hours going up to Bill’s Rule (including the wait to find GC40DC Witchy Wealth) and about an hour to return.  The trail profile above it a bit deceptive–the x-axis is too long.  The slope of the trail is MUCH steeper that it appears on the graph.  ; }


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  2. omilosandjuktas says:

    I like ti hike and cache at the mountains. This looks like here at Crete.

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