The Five-Mile Radius and Me

January 25, 2012


In my efforts to find all the caches in a 5-mile radius of my home, I set out this morning to get one or two finds.  I’m getting within striking distance–after the 2 finds this morning, I only need 25 more finds.


I started the morning going for Trail Marker.  I did it an easier way–drove up Bell Canyon to the trail head at N 34° 12.826  W 118° 42.568, then hiked in from there.  The hike was 1.75 miles round trip and took just under an hour.


bell to trail marker

Here is the track and the trail profile of the hike.

I also checked if Bill’s Rule can be accessed from the west.  It can’t be done–at least not easily or safely. I got within 800 feet of the cache, but the approach from a vacant lot ends with a very steep drop into a gully, then an even steeper ascent up to a road that would access the cache. I guess I’ll just have to do it the old fashioned way.


I then drove to Chatsworth to find D_J 3-K.  I was a little concerned about how to approach this one, so I contacted a couple of previous finders.  They both said pretty much the same thing–there are lots of trails to the cache; pick one you like and go for it.


I took the hard way–mostly climbing the rock near the east opening of the tunnel.  The easier way is to approach from the south and the west. That’s how to returned.

I was hoping for a passing train while I was up there. My grandkids love trains and it would have been nice to send them a video of a train entering/leaving the tunnel.  No such luck this morning

I found the cache right away, once I got to it.   It was the getting to it that was the adventure.


Unfortunately, most all the “trails” in the area lead to places to deface the rocks with graffiti.  I didn’t waste the time to take photos of the messes made on the rocks.  I prefer beautiful over that stuff, so here is a shot of some wildflowers.

120125 dj

Here is the track of the hike/climb to D_J 3-K.

817 caches down (602 active and 215 archived) and 25 to go!