A Long Way to the Shovel

January 14, 2012


Today’s hike was to Long Way To The “Shovel” .  The last time I hiked this trail was March 13, 2004.  It seemed a lot harder then than it felt today.  That’s probably one reason why I have been putting this find off.  Long Way To The “Shovel”  was a 5.5 mile round trip hike from the trailhead on Evening Sky.  There was also a 1250-foot elevation gain.  So it’s not really that long to the cache, but it is pretty steep in places


I got started this morning about 10:00 AM.  The trailhead looked like the 405 at rush hour.  Even with all the cars at the trailhead, I only saw a few people along the Las Llajas road–mostly bikers.


When I did this hike in 2004, it was shortly after a fire.  The only vegetation on the hill was charred black.  Nothing was green, only charcoal.  Even the oak trees at the cut off were burned to the trunks.  I was amazed how quickly the trees and shrubs regenerate after a fire.


Today, 7 years after the fire, you wouldn’t even know that I fire had been through this area.  I’m assuming that without the fire, the hills would have denser vegetation, but what is there is very healthy.


I didn’t go all the way to the shovel today.  I needed Long Way To The “Shovel”, so that’s what I got.  However, the shovel is only a few minutes farther up the trail.   Now that I know that the trail isn’t as tough as I remember, I wouldn’t have a problem returning up this trail for a nice adventure.


The views from up the hill are very nice.  I apologize for the quality of the photos.  My hiking camera is down and a replacement is one its way.


If you want to do some geocache hiking, Las Llajas Canyon is a great place to do it.  There is a strings of caches from the trailhead all the way to Rocky Peak Road and beyond.  I’ve placed many of them myself.  I recommend that the caches off the main trail (Trogdor’s Shovel AKA: P&H Model 206 and Long Way To The “Shovel” ) be done on a separate hike.

Here is the track—5.5 miles round trip; 1250 feet elevation gain.

track 120114 steam