Devil Canyon


This morning, I decided to go after Devil’s Offset, the 15 Second Multi,  It’s located in Devil Canyon, just north of where Topanga Canyon Blvd intersects the 118.  I’ve hiked into Devil Canyon twice–once on a through hike up the canyon and then down Rocky Peak Road and once in from the north to pick up a couple of stay caches–GC146V4 He Made Me Do It! and GC1348R Daniel Webster.  Today it was just a single cache on the list.  I’ve put it off because the access to the cache is a little muddled.  In the past, access was granted from the Poema Place gate of the gated community.  Now, access is only permitted from the gate at the end of Iverson Rd.


I noticed that Los Angeles County has put up fancy new trail signs since I visited the area last.  The tall poles and large signs seem a bit of overkill, but that’s nothing new for the government.


The trail down into Devil Canyon is quite steep and the trail is a bit ripped up.  Once at the bottom, the stream bed had some water in it, but not enough to appear to be flowing.  The cache is located in a small grove of oaks.  Because of the steep canyon walls and perhaps the trees, GPS reception is spotty.  That’s why Don made the cache an offset cache.


I got to Ground Zero and followed Don’s directions to find the cache.  However, no cache was to be found.  After rechecking everything and widening the search area, I decided that the chances that the cache is MIA are very high; it hasn’t been found in a year.  I decided to replace the cache and call it a Find.  After receiving permission from Don, I logged the find.

devil canyon

Here is the track and the trail profile.  The roundtrip mileage is about 2.4 miles.  Don’t believe the middle zigzags on the profile.  I think it is inaccurate because of the GPS reception issues in the bottom of the canyon.  As you can see, the bulk of this trip is walking through the neighborhood on the way to the canyon.  I should have taken some photos of the houses; they are very large and pretty nice places.

Thanks, Don, for other nicely located geocache.


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