Summit to Summit

After a dentist appointment in Santa Monica, I decided to come home to Simi Valley via PCH and Topanga Canyon.  It was a nice day for a hike so I decided somewhat at the last minute to go for a geocaching adventure along the Summit to Summit Motorway.  I’d never hiked this area, so that was an added bonus.


011111 was the first stop of the morning.  It was a fairly quick find and set the pattern for most of the finds today.  #2 was Gone to the dogs.  After looking where it was supposed to be, I quickly found it where it doesn’t belong.  Catalina View Two and Catalina View were also quickly in the found column; however, no Catalina Island today.  Too much haze and fog.  You wouldn’t even know the ocean was out there today.


Don’s Rock ‘n Roll is a simple, straight forward hide that took me too long to locate.  I was on the wrong side of a tree that was blocking my view of GZ.  Once I moved around a bit, it wasn’t a problem.  Ramble On and Side Tracked finished off the caches along the Motorway.  I noticed that there are several caches in the drainage to the east, so off I went.


I didn’t quite understand the meaning of Don’s I’m Gonna Crawl until I got close to the cache.  I thought it might have something to do with crawling up a steep trail.  The title actually refers to the easily method to approach the cache through all the tree limbs.  As I neared the cache, I saw an empty match container, without a lid.  The log was nearby.  I’m claiming the FTF because the two that found it were clearly non geocachers.  Who knows what brought them to GZ.

After I’m Gonna Crawl, I bushwhacked my way back to the trail and took it down the hill to a creek crossing.  After that, I couldn’t locate anything that looked like a trail, so I went cross country to Beeware.  This cache hasn’t been visited successfully in over a year, so I didn’t have much hope on locating it.  After trying to make my way carefully around and through some very sharp thistles, I was lucky enough to stop right next to the cache.  It was a lucky find because it is an cammoed tube and was on the ground almost completely covered by oak leaves.

My next goal was to find the trail.  I headed up the slope toward the ridge line and found it without too much trouble.


I walked right by Partridge Family because I was busy looking at the wildflowers and a hawk that was looking for his lunch.  Fortunately, I didn’t have to back track too far for the find.  I did find Bunny Hop in bad shape.  The lid was off and the cache was full of water.  I can’t understand why it is so hard for some people to make sure caches are secure before leaving them.


It was a great morning hike.  No DNFs, too.  And a FTF to boot.   It took 2.5 hours to do the 2.9 mile hike–somewhat slower than my normal geocaching speed.  There was a little more than a 1000-ft elevation gain and loss.  Some of the “up” was a 45 degree slope.  I recommend this hike.  I had a good time.


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