Santa Susana Pass Park


I started the day with the idea of going the Stoney Point for several of the caches in the area.  When I got out of the truck, I was almost blown over, so I opted for a quick Plan B.

Plan B was a stop for Grave Guard.  Nope, not today.  I wrote the owner and learned that I was looking in the right spot.  It’s either MIA or my geo-senses are getting dim.

After the visit to the cemetery, I decided to go for Don’s Stairway To Heaven.  First, I stopped by CEMETERY VIEW before heading up the hill for the stairway.


I always enjoy the view of the sandstone cliffs on the west end of the Valley.  The walk to the cache allowed for an up-close-and-personal view.

From Stairway to Heaven  GC1NDNC

The approach to the cache required climbing steep “stairs.”  I didn’t have too much of a problem going up; it’s going down that my knees don’t like.  The photo above is the view from the cache.

After descending the Stairs, I decided to find some of the other caches in the area.  I enjoyed walking around the area while finding LOOK TO THE PEAKS, Y IN THE TRAIL, and Boulder Cache! The soft grass is still out and the foxtail aren’t yet in the pokey stage.




The last cache of the day was The Edge.  The cache is about 300 feet off the trail, but that doesn’t really describe the approach.  It’s 300 feet of moderate bushwhacking while climbing to the base of the cliffs and then up on to it.   The final approach requires some crawling along a narrow ledge to get to the cache.

From the edge  GC2HVZF

This is the view from the cache.  It’s a great view, but sometimes I wonder about some of the things we do to get a find.  I didn’t think that it was dangerous–if it was, I wouldn’t have attempted it–but it was a bit challenging.


The photo above shows the location of the cache from a distance.  The photo below shows a closer view.  It’s on the angled rock in the middle of the photo.


The rains have started the wildflowers.  I had some other photos, but today’s wind made sure the flowers were out of focused and blurred.


It also looks like it’s going to be a good year for poison oak.  It’s leafing out big time.  Here is a large clump near the trailhead, backlit by the late morning sun.


The Google Earth view of my wanderings today is below.  Six caches in a little more than 2 hours of running up and down the hills.

SS Pass Park


3 Responses to Santa Susana Pass Park

  1. CALIFORNIA GIRL :o) says:

    This is AWESOME! Your pictures are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Don says:

    Wow! You got a picture of a Lizzard Rock in there. I have been exploring this trail system for 35 years and have never seen that. I guess it’s is true, there is a treasure around every corner.

    To think, I hiked a part of your same route, a few hours only.

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