Hiking Along the Chatsworth Cliffs

Ever since the caches where placed along this trail, I’ve been looking forward to hiking it. Today, was the day.

I didn’t have a great start.  I DNFed the first cache-SSSHP – South Entrance–but figured that I would give it a try on the way out.  The day started out with a little overcast, but quickly burned off.  It was a perfect day for hiking–sunny, but not too warm, with a slight breeze.

Spring was my first find of the day.  It made up for the DNF.

There were a few other hikers and some horse people, too on the main trail, but as soon as I turned off on the “trail” the caches where on, it was just me, the lizards, and the wildflowers.

I was somewhat surprised with the number and the variety of wildflowers.  With the hot weather that we had a few weeks ago, the hills have turned from green to brown.  I figured that I would have been too late for the flowers, but I did get a good showing of them.

A Trail Less Traveled helped show me the correct path.  The trail was varied between a wide service road and a game trail.  I was impressed with whoever figured out this where to go on this trail.

The trail quickly gained elevation, climbing several hundred feet right away. Cross Eyed View andI’d like to make a Withdrawal were along this part of the trail.  The photo above is looking back toward Oakwood Memorial Park, near where today’s adventure began.

I was giving some thought about trying Don’s Stairway To Heaven a try on the way back by going cross country, but decide that it was not a safe way to go.  One false move and I might be on my stairway to heaven, so I’ve try it another day from below.

After reaching the top of the climb up through the cliffs, the trail flattens out.  I found the next group of caches without any problems: Stand and Salute,Tubular, Reservoir Dogs, Micronaught, and The Great Cliffs of Chatsworth.  While looking forThe Great Cliffs of Chatsworth, I came upon this cache guardian, watching me look in the wrong place.

Bring It On Home (The Cube) takes you to an interesting area–an unfinished homestead that we probably burnt out before it reallly got started. NOT a Kodak Moment was an interesting cache along the way.

The Battle of Evermore was the toughest find of the day.  I had my hand almost on the cache within seconds of arriving at the location, but it took me another 20 minutes and 2 phone calls to locate it.  I was glad to find Pepper’s Scenic Picnic Plateau immediate on arrival, after taking so long at Evermore.  After going down the hill to get Y Here?, I decided on a new plan of action.  I had tweaked my back earlier in the week and wasn’t looking forward to the hike back down the steep parts of the trail.  The Box Canyon only a few minutes away, I called a friend who was gracious enough to drive up from Simi Valley and pick me up along the road and return me to my truck.

It was a great morning of caching.  I’m looking forward to returning to the area and picking up the few caches that I missed because of my decision to make this a one-way trip.

If you are sensitive to poison oak, take care along the way.  There are the normal large stands of poison oak along the trail, but, because this trail is seldom used, this is also plenty of my old friend right in the trail, mixed in with other plants.

Here is a track of the hike today.



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  1. […] In my quest to clean up the caches closest to home, I went out today with 4 caches on my list and got all 4, plus a few more.  There are 3 caches along the ridge above Chatsworth that I’ve had my eye on for quite a while.  The last time I hiked along here was May 2, 2009–I was running short on time and didn’t do Box Canyon Bluff or Picnic Golden Time then and Not This Way wasn’t placed until after my hike.  [For an account of my hike in 2009, check out Hiking Along the Chatsworth Cliffs.] […]

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